21 dandelion greens health benefits you won’t want to miss

Dandelion greens are amazing and contain a perfect balance of nutrients for the human body.  The dandelion greens health benefits I’m going to talk about in this post range from keeping your skin healthy to treating cancer – that’s how powerful this ancient herb is.  Dandelion greens are easy to collect from the fields or meadows, or even in your own back garden (most people consider them a weed, so don’t take them from neighbours’ gardens or from curbside lawns in case they have been sprayed with herbicides) – find some that are growing out of the way where nobody wants them, and pick and eat to your heart’s delight!

They do taste quite strong, so I recommend you try them in a green smoothie done in a blender to retain all the fibre, or in raw living juice best made with a raw juicer such as a masticating or twin gear juicing machine.  This list of dandelion greens health benefits is long and it doesn’t even include everything!  I didn’t want to go on and on but these dandelion greens health benefits are probably the most important ones to the average person so go ahead and have a read, then go and consume some dandelion greens today!


1. Contains more nutrition than spinach or tomatoes by raw weight
2. Contains vitamins A, B2, C, D and G
3. Contains potassium, sodium, calcium, iron and phosphorus
4. Can be used as a natural laxative or diuretic if necessary
5. Contains a large amount of vegetal fibre, helping your digestive system to eliminate effectively
6. Helps to treat metabolism disorders
7. Because of the vitamin C content, it’s a powerful anti-cancer and antioxidant
8. It can be thrown in a salad to enhance your salad’s taste while enhancing your health

Have you experienced dandelion greens health benefits lately? It won't even cost you anything - you'll probably be able to find some growing in your garden!

Have you experienced dandelion greens health benefits lately? It won't even cost you anything - you'll probably be able to find some growing in your garden!

9. Increases biliary secretion which helps your body eliminate toxins better
10. Soothes eczema and other inflammatory conditions such as athritis and gout
11. Reduces cholesterol
12. Cleanses the blood
13. Purifies the blood and offers your blood more iron
14. Helps heal liver disorders
15.  Can be crushed up from fresh and applied to the roots of hair to help your hair look shinier and healthier (wash out in the morning)
16. The best known vegetable source for beta-carotene, from which your body makes Vitamin A – and as such the third richest source for Vitamin A, after beef and cod livers.
17. Rich in minerals such as copper, cobalt, zinc, boron and molybdenum, which your body needs in small but sure amounts.
18. A source of Vitamin D which protects against cancer and other diseases.
19. Contains inulin, an energy source which is ideal for diabetics as it does not cause a sharp blood sugar increase (try dandelion smoothie)
20. Contains lots of pectin which helps the body remove heavy metals and radioactive toxins
21. Anti-bacterial gallic acid, helping your body to stay strong and healthy

As you can see, dandelion greens health benefits are yours to enjoy as soon as you source some fresh dandelion greens and add them to your salad, green smoothie or raw juice.  And like I always say, any juice is better than no juice, so if you can’t find enough dandelion greens for a whole glassful, then just add a handful of them to a glass of fruit juice or green smoothie – they will still give it (and you) a huge health kick!

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