A comparison of the L’Equip Mini and the L’Equip XL juicer machines

In my previous post about L’Equip, I talked about L’Equip Omni Juicer, a single auger juicer machine with a strong design and mechanism and good looks too.  Today I want to talk about the L’Equip pulp ejection juicers, operating by centrifuge, and these juicers come in several models.  Firstly you can get the Mini (full name L’Equip Mini Pulp Ejector Juicer) in two colour designs: white and grey.  Not a lot of difference you may think, but when you are buying a machine that will stand in plain view in your kitchen day in, day out, you probably want to match it as closely to your decor as possible.

l'equip juicer

As you can see, the whole machine sits in a different shape to an auger or masticating juicer.  This is because these juicers work by forcing the fruit or vegetables outwards against the walls of the drum-shaped area, pressing the juice out that way.  Because that mechanism is a lot less complicated than twisting augers, the juicing process can be done a lot faster.  This of course does generate some heat and heat can damage the enzymes and living qualities of the raw fruit or veggies.  However, the L Equip Mini Juicer will not do this any more than any other pulp ejector juicer or centrifuge style juicer.  They will all create some heat.  Whether you don’t mind this in a machine is down to whether you want to make more juice faster, whether you will drink the juice on the same day as making it and other factors.  There is no doubt that from a health perspective, a single auger or twin gear juicer does preserve more of the living qualities of fresh raw juice, yet any juice is better than no juice so if you are put off by the idea of taking much time up to juice, then just go for it and buy a power juicer like the L’Equip Mini.  Drinking this juice is still going to be a bazillion times better than drinking some denatured and pasteurized juice from the grocery store, something that has been sitting in plastic for weeks, even months and is probably even made from concentrate anyway – just imagine how much fresher your juice will be when made with a L’Equip Mini Pulp Ejector Juicer!

The Mini was designed to take up less counter space on your kitchen bench than other juicers.  It has the same patented L Equip pulp ejection system, but simply does not take up as much room.  For the small kitchen or renter, this is paramount.  I know in our house, the toaster and the kettle are always fighting for a spot – we have a small kitchen too, so can totally empathize.

L'Equip Juicer Mini

The L'Equip Mini 110.5

The juice only comes into contact with stainless steel in this juicer, making it safe for those sensitive to contact with plastics, a consideration these days, especially with kids, as environmental sensitivities are on the rise.  I doubt you will find a compact juicer of this quality for such a fantastic price as these little pocket rocket juicers.

Above is pictured the L Equip XL Juicer. It’s got a “big mouth” or chute designed for convenience of not having to chop pieces up very small.  The tube is actually 3″ across, so you can get most apples in without slicing at all.  Automated pulp ejection allows the juice to flow out without you needing to stop and clean out the sieve.  This juicer machine is about half the price of others on the market which do the same thing.  L’Equip is a reputable brand and this machine comes with a 6 year warranty, so you really are getting an excellent deal if a fast power juicer is what you are after.

This juice has a 900 watt motor with 11,000 RPM, and has a full stainless steel interior. All of the juicer parts of the machine are stainless as well (important in this day and age where plastics seem to contain more and more hidden “baddies”).

The XL is an excellent choice for those who need a lot of juice, fast.  Large families, daycare centres, school cafeterias, church halls, etc all would do well with a juicer like this that can make fresh raw juice at a top speed and an incredible price!

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