A juicer will change your life for the better

You can do many things to change your life. You can get a new hair style.  You can move house.  You can sell your car.  You can go on a holiday. You can wear different colours.  You can talk differently.  You can make new friends.  You can start a new hobby.

With a Juicer you can improve your health by incorporating more fresh foods

With a Juicer you can improve your health by incorporating more fresh foods

But there is one thing that will always stop or start you, slow you down or energise you no matter what you do and this is your health.  If you don’t have good health, everything else will be harder, if not impossible.  Weight loss tips and health supplements are a beginning, but to actually implement lasting changes in your life to improve your health, can be more difficult than it is made to appear.  I recognise that some people have less than optimal health for reasons out of their control, but ultimately it is you who has control of your life, and you need to take care of your health, because nobody else can.
There are many ways to take care of yourself, and juice is one of those ways that you can do this.  Some people debate that juice is not natural, and that you shouldn’t drink juice because it is not something found in nature.  But, if you go by that train of thought, then you also should not live in a man-made building in a city and eat food grown on large farms, sprayed with goodness knows what and then trucked into the metropolis, and have water and heating pumped in.  None of that is found in nature, either.  But most of us do those things every day.

It’s called modern life and many of us feel very stuck in it indeed.
But don’t think there is nothing you can do.  As I mentioned, juice is an easy way to get more health into your diet without going very far out of your way. It is the marriage of modern technology (the juicer) with age-old wisdom (ingest raw fruit and vegetables).  Now if you are anything like me you don’t ever really feel like munching down a pile of celery, you might get in an apple or an orange here or there and you cook up some carrots and beans with your dinner but really you don’t want to start eating heaps of vegetables.  It’s hard; they are not easy to cook right; you can overcook them easily; they hide in the back of the fridge and get black and scary without you noticing; vegetables are funny things…  You can’t always get ones you like to cook.  So I say juice them.  Get a nice simple juicer machine and start juicing them.  I juice all sorts of things.  Carrots, pumpkin, squash, broccoli, spinach, tomatoes, beets, watermelon, cucumber, apples.  Juice is not limited to just oranges and apples.  But if you add them in you can make a lot of other random vegies in a juice to be more palatable.
There is a school of thought that says that having too much fruit juice, actually is not good for you.  Or too much fruit full stop, for that matter.  The reasoning is twofold; a) it’s not traditionally done to eat piles of fruit like we do when we drink a fruit juice and b) the juice has a higher GI than the whole fruit.  (Because you have taken it away from the fibrousness of the fruit and are left mostly with sugar water.)


A juicer is a great investment

But then you know, it’s better to make yourself some fresh raw fruit juicer recipes than it is to buy any juice in a bottle, even a vegie juice I contend because all of that stuff you buy is pasteurized and it isn’t fresh and raw like your homemade stuff.  It’s not raw, it’s actually cooked.  And part of the big deal about making juice in your home juicer is that you will get juice that is raw; unadulterated.  Everything good about the fruit or vegetable is still right there in your glass.  So don’t drink that bottled stuff imagining you are doing your health a good turn – at best they are just a tasty drink which is less harmful than soda – at worst they are a denatured sugary concentrate which has additives and preservatives in it – seriously, stay away and get a nice home juicer – they’re not expensive and you can get them everywhere, especially online, and they are going to pay themselves off by the time you’ve saved your quota of bought juice for the month or maybe a few months, it’ll be paid for…
See, the other answer to these “problems” with juice is to just juice vegetables.  If you don’t want to make any fruit juice, then there is no need for you to do so.  Some people only ever make green juice, and it is extremely high in vitamins and minerals, as well as chlorophyll and enzymes, and other wonderful living properties.
Oh, there are many stories for and against juice, but I am totally for.  You know why?  Mainly because it makes me feel good.  I drink juice, I make a blend of celery, carrot, apple, ginger, watermelon, mild green pepper, beetroot and cucumber.  It’s reddy-green and it looks, well, interesting and maybe it took a few times to get used to, but now I totally love it.  Not only does it contain all the minerals and vitamins you could think of, it tastes pleasant and fresh, and it never gets boring.  It’s low GI because it doesn’t contain 100% fruit (I use a fair proportion of celery) and that way it gives me energy for longer.
Energy for my morning while building up my body with vital nutrients.  A juicer will change our life for the better. Don’t hesitite; don’t be the fool like I was for many years and think that eating a little more lettuce or coleslaw with my lunch would make me healthier, because that’s only a small change, but start drinking a glass or two of fresh raw juice a day and you will see, and feel the benefits right before your very eyes.
You never know, speaking of eyes, it maybe even improve your eyesight – juice of different fruits and vegetables contains different things and have different properties.  Just as I found a juice which can help with skin irritation (potato juice, believe it or not), there will be a juice which will benefit your eyesight.  (Carrots are a good base for an eyesight-benefiting juice.)
All the better to check out some more of my articles about juicers, and how a juicer is going to change your life very soon!

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