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If you already have a good citrus juicer then you will agree that it is one of the most useful kitchen gadgets to have. You need a citrus juicer if you use lemons, limes, or any other small citrus fruits. Did you know that there are in fact about a dozen different varieties of citrus commonly available in asian grocer shops? Ever heard of red finger limes, kumquats, citrons, or papedas? All are tangy, interesting fruits that are simply fantastic for adding to sauces, glazes, icings, or just to enjoy as juice.

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Having a citrus juicer, whether a hand juicer a-la wheatgrass juicer style or a bigger and heftier electric machine means you can make your own lemonade, or if you are in  a party mood how about your own cocktail mixers. Here’s a sure to impress your guests any day of the week – how often do you get offered a “Tangelo twister” or a red lime cruiser? By using the juice you squeeze fresh in the kitchen you are serving something not just super tasty, but super healthy too. Citrus juice is actually underrated for its antioxidant qualities, and nutritional benefits. Oranges and lemons are commonly associated with vitamin C (which they certainly do contain a lot of) but they don’t actually contain much more on average than other fruits – or vegetables – for that matter. It is probably the fact that vitamin C supplements are always orange in color and flavor that encourages this idea! (Just so you know, capsicums, carrots, and spinach all contain at least as much vitamin C per weight as oranges do!). And if you want to get exotic, Goji Berry Juice is far richer in vitamin C again!

So what is so special about citrus in general? Apart from very impressive vitamin C content, an important compound known as citrus limonin is found in all citrus juice. Limonoids as they are known are a compound the body is able to utilize to fight degenerative conditions by repairing and rebuilding damaged cells – including various forms of cancer. A fairly recent study in Tokyo found that laboratory animals and human cell samples could be successfully treated for stomach, lung, heart, colon, and breast cancer conditions. An increased dietary intake level of limonin also appears to lower cholesterol levels significantly.

Too complicated? Don’t worry – it boils down to the fact that simple lemon or lime juice is simply great for your health. Here is why you really should invest in a citrus juicer to use at home: Bought juices, even the ones claiming no additives or “squeezed fresh” have been either treated or been sitting around, and will have very little of the original goodness remaining. They may taste OK, but the really beneficial components unfortunately are no longer there.

Ideally a good citrus juicer should be made of stainless steel, so it never rusts or breaks. Cheaper models with plastic juicer parts are very common, but be warned that they rarely last more than a few years. The juicer should have smooth, naturally curving handles for comfort so you can apply maximum pressure with you bare hands.

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