A word of warning about your juicer and direct sunlight

Unlike vampires juicer machines do not crumble to dust when caught in direct sunlight, but a brief warning is in order for people who leave their juicers permanently on a bench top, in the sun. I know I always leave mine out – it’s way too much trouble to put it away since I use it every day – but there is a price to pay.


UV (ultra-violet) light in sunlight can be great at bleaching stains out of fabric and destroying bacteria, but it can also be quite destructive. In living things it breaks down cell membranes. It also causes many plastics to deteriorate and become brittle and yellow within a short time. Items which are designed to be left outdoors such as solar lamps or garden tools are generally made with “UV stabilised” plastics, but things like kitchen appliances do not get this treatment. Unfortunately, this is something I have found firsthand with my Lexsun juicer. After 18 months of sitting on the sunny window ledge I have had to replace the chute, barrel, and several other parts. The parts had turned quite yellow, and had visible cracks which quickly spread.


If you find that leaving your juicer out of the cupboard is necessary, and it is for me, then a simple solution is to just drape a tea towel or cloth over it when it’s not in use. This protects any plastic parts from damaging UV rays, and prevents it from becoming grimy at the same time. This way your juicer is still accessible whenever you need to use it.


On a similar note, always remember to treat your juicer with care when washing. Dropping plastic into very hot water can cause it to crack, and rough handling in a sink full of water can also lead to fractures developing later on.

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