About Daily Juicer

Laurie Kavanagh here at Daily Juicer is a fan of all things healthy.  He has a penchant for raw juice at any time of the day!  Father and husband he is concerned about the state of families’ health worldwide, and strongly believes that being a daily juicer of raw juice is one of the easiest, fastest and most effective way to boost your immune system, your mood and your appearance.  Laurie also likes to play the guitar when not blogging or going for a run (one of his other favourite things to do) and his favourite juice mix is carrot, celery, green capsicum (bell pepper), apple and ginger!  He started this blog to encourage his family and friends to get a juicer machine (he emphasises – if the choice bewilders you, just pick any – because any juice is better than no juice!) and start making scrummy fresh raw

for themselves.

Daily Juicer is about:

  • daily habits that translate into long-term health and vitality
  • how to make and use juice to make your body and mind happy and healthy
  • information about different juicers and the pros and cons of each type
  • reviews on manual and electric juicers
  • juice recipes
  • ways to use juice in cooking
  • Info on pop-culture products like oji, Acai, and Mangosteen juices
  • the science of raw juice and health

Contact Laurie here at the Daily Juicer if you want to ask a question, suggest a blog post, or just to say hello!