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A big problem that juicers (the people I mean, not the machines) are faced with is that of finding high quality ingredients to process at affordable prices. Of course in an ideal world we would all grow our own fruit and vegetable supplies, but this is not an option for most of us. The next best thing is organically grown food, which is known to be not only better tasting but more importantly does not come laden with pesticides and other toxic chemicals used in growing crops on large scale farms. Good food results in natural detoxification, so if you can buy organic food, this is an excellent choice and your body will thank you. However, organic food does sell for premium prices – and that is our problem.

Angel juicer

The Angel juicer uses a twin gear system, built of stainless steel. Twin gears equal a greater crushing area and therefor faster juice production without sacrificing juice quality.

If you regularly use your vegetable juicer then you will be going through a pound or two of ingredients daily, and this can get very expensive if you buy organic food. So what is the alternative? Buy cheaper food, and accumulate toxins? Luckily this is where science can help out, because growing vegetables do not sore toxins evenly throughout. When scientists analyze vegetables grown with pesticides and chemical fertilizers, they find that the plants manage to store the vast bulk of the chemicals they accumulate in the dense outer skin. This actually makes sense when you consider that you were always told to eat potatoes and carrots with skin left on, because most of the goodness is under the skin – indeed this is where a large concentration of nutrients and minerals is deposited – and it appears the plant deposits toxins there as well.
Knowing this, you can choose to peel your vegetables before you juice them. Alternatively, invest in a juicer machine that is will not puree the skin, and will eject it with the rest of the vegetable pulp, thus preventing you from eating the toxin rich skin. Most masticating juicers (the ones that work by slowly crushing food) will do fairly good job because, while they grind the vegetable up, they do no pulverize it and only squeeze out the juice. Lexsun, Greenstar, and Angel Juicer are all well respected brands which claim to be able to remove a large proportion of chemicals. The Angel Juicer (a relatively expensive but very powerful and versatile machine) is renown for being able to strip virtually all of the harmful chemicals out of regularly farmed produce using this principle. The Angel Juicer is a twin gear juicer machine that works by rolling two stainless steel augers together, crushing the food slowly, but then straining out and ejecting the skin and hard fibres as a dry pulp.
Organic grown fruit and vegetables should be your first choice for healthy juicer recipes, but then again any juice is better than none!

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