A manual wheatgrass juicer is versatile and affordable

wheatgrass juicer
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Many people incorrectly assume that using a hand juicer is slow, hard work. In fact, modern hand juicers are probably the

healthiest and most convenient way to juice wheat grass, leafy vegetables, and virtually anything else that you can fit into the ingredient chute! Note that this article covers general purpose hand juicers – follow on this link if you are interested in citrus juicers for lemons, limes and oranges instead.

Electric juicer machines certainly have their application, but the problem is that their high speed often causes damage to the beneficial enzymes and nutrients that can be extracted from your ingredients. Yes, they may be faster at juicing some things, but if you are interested getting the most out of your food then you need to consider some of the benefits a hand juicer provides:

1. A hand powered wheatgrass juicer will not clog up and struggle with stringy ingredients. We mentioned wheat grass, but the same goes for barley grass, kale, herbs, and anything else that has long tough fibres.

2. It is economical – a hand powered (manual) juicer or wheatgrass juicer is not only much cheaper to buy than an electric device of comparable quality, it also doesn’t cost a single cent to run. This can be particularly important if you live with solar power, or otherwise need to restrict your electricity use.

3. As mentioned, you never run the risk of oxidising your juice with a hand juicer – it is simply not possible to generate heat at manually driven speeds, neither does a hand juicer mix air into your juice. The result? Top quality juice every time.

4. Using a manually powered juicer is quiet, restful and does not disturb anyone in your home. There is also no need for a big cleanup operation after you are done. A typical hand juicer has only a few moving parts, keeping everything simple and easy.

There are many different hand juicers to choose from. If you are looking for the serious all purpose hand juicer, one of the most popular models at present seems to be the Lexen Healthy Juicer (currently sold as the MK3 model), which is designed from the ground up to allow anyone to be able to juice wheat grass and anything else.

How does a hand juicer work? Almost all bench top style hand juicers use a large auger (or screw) to grind and crush ingredients through a fine metal screen, separating the pulp from the liquid. The auger is of course powered directly by turning the handle of the juicer. This system is quite similar to that found in high end masticating juicers (masticating = “chewing”) like the Angel Juicer.

wheatgrass juicer

The Easy-Health hand juicer features easy to clean and simple hardened plastic parts

You may notice that wheat grass juicing is often mentioned by companies selling hand powered juicers. The reason for this is that wheat grass is probably the hardest thing to juice well – it is tough, fibrous, and quite dry. If a juicer can effectively juice wheat grass, then this is a good indication that it can handle anything else too. Remember that just because a hand juicer is sold as a wheat grass juicer, it doesn’t mean you can’t use it to juice fruits, vegetables, and often even things like seeds (to obtain oil) or nuts (for nut butter).

If you compare a “normal” high speed electric juicer to a hand juicer you will find that most cannot in fact process wheat grass at all. The compact size of a hand juicer makes it ideal for someone who only wants to juice relatively small quantities of ingredients. Small storage size, and the quick and easy cleanup is definitely an advantage too.

Hand juicers are sold by many online stores, and because of their light weight and small size are much cheaper to ship than larger and heavier electric juicers.

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