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You may think that you don’t need another kitchen gadget, but there are just too many good reasons to buy a juicer extractor machine. For a start there is your health – do you get enough fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet? Because with a juicer machine, it becomes really easy to “eat” more than your quota of raw food every day. And then of course there is the fact that fresh juice just tastes so good, better than any bough concentrate or mix from the shops.

best juicer machine

Thanks to the popularity of fresh juice, there are so many different juicer extractors you can now buy. You can find one for as little as $50 in a local department store, or even get a great second hand fruit and vegetable juicer from an online store like Ebay. But lets just spend a moment talking about the features you need to look for, so you get the juicer that is right for you.

First off, there are fast juicers and slow juicer machines. The fast ones are called centrifugal juicers, and work by using a spinning blade to shred up all your ingredients letting the juice drain out. These are the type of machine you find in department stores, and there is nothing wrong with them. However, they are limited to juicing fairly “normal” sorts of ingredients. So most fruits and vegetables. But, they cannot be used to juice drier, stringier things like wheat grass, herbs, or most leafy green vegetables (such as kale or cabbage). Aside from this, centrifugal juicer extractors are good value. They are fast, making juice at a rate of one glass in 10-20 seconds, and generally quick and easy to clean.

There are plenty of up market centrifugal juicer extractors out there too, it is not as though these machines are inferior in quality: You have the Jack Lalanne Power Juicer, Breville juicer like the Juice Fountain, and the L’equip juicer range. These are all great juicer extractor machines that will perform well for a long time.

Now for the other kind of juicer I mentioned – the slow kind. What is meant by slow is that they use a slowly turning crushing system rather than a fast spinning blade. The slow crushing action has them called Masticating juicer machines (masticating is the scientific term for chewing, like when you chew and crush food in your mouth). They commonly use either one or two turning augers or gears to physically squeeze the juice out of food, so you are left with a very dry, well extracted fruit pulp. How slow is it? Well, my own Lexsun single gear takes about 30 seconds to make a glass of celery and carrot juice, so it is not much slower than a “fast” centrifugal juicer.

Here are the advantages of using a slower juicer extractor system:

  1. No air gets mixed into the juice, so no froth. This also makes the juicer recipes keep for longer, since it is oxygen reacting with vitamin compounds that makes fresh juice go off faster
  2. Slower speed means no heating – again, better, healthier juice because vitamin and enzyme content is not affected.
  3. It works as a wheatgrass juicer. The powerful, slow crushing system is able to juice dry tough ingredients
  4. Many of these masticating juicer machines can also work as food processors: Making pasta dough, purees, and some can even make soymilk!

The best-respected masticating juicer extractors are the Angel Juicer, the Greenstar juicer range of extractors, and now also the Samson juicer. Of these, the Angle juicer is out of reach for most people due to the high cost, but the Greenstar and Samson juicer extractors represent excellent value for money.

In summary: A centrifugal juicer is cheaper and faster for most ingredients, while a masticating juicer is more versatile, makes higher quality juice, but costs more. If you want some juice fast and don’t want to invest too much time and money, buy something like the Jacks Power juicer or a L’equip juicer. If you have a bit of money to throw at your health and can justify an extra 10 minutes a day, buy a masticating juicer extractor like one of the Greenstar Greenpower models, or a Samson.

best juicer machine

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