Clearly the Juiceman rating listens to what juice fans on a living health programme want…

Hi there everyone, it’s Laurie here again at the Daily Juicer and I’ve been looking at the Juiceman Juicer this week.  “Live Foods Live Bodies” is the mantra of the Juiceman, the original king of juicing.  Juicing became a really popular thing to do in 1992 when infomercials on the Juiceman Electronic Professional came on TV, and everyone saw what a a living health program could do for their bodies and ultimately for their whole lives.  The elite edition kitchen gurus would look for these days is still called the Juiceman, and there are several models available for buying.  They are:

Juiceman juicer

  • JM300 2-speed automatic juice extractor
  • JM400 2-speed automatic juice extractor
  • JM503 3-speed automatic juice extractor

As I said the Juiceman rating listens to the needs and wants of the juicing community.  It gets five stars from people who have written customer reviews.  I had a look on Amazon and the queue added other juicers but none of them compared to the Juiceman.  Views included: that it is really fast to clean up (a biggie when it comes to juicers and what they can do – not matter how much whizzbang they pack, it’s no use if it takes ages to clean up.  Urgh!  Juicers should enhance your life not take away your precious time.

Ability to make multiple glasses of juice fast, that’s another biggie if you are wanting to make juice for the whole family.  Best to be able to drink several glasses a day or more if you are going on a living health programme that involves lots of raw fruits and vegetables, just like our natural ancestors ate…

The Juiceman Juicers come with a 1-year warranty which is not a hugely long time, but it is enough for a juicer like the Juiceman which is a centrifugal juicer.  Not that many centrifugal juicers come with a warranty longer than this anyway, so it’s not an issue in the case of the Juicerman Juicer.

Hope this helps someone out there thinking about getting a Juiceman Juicer.  If you have your eye on one, then I say get Juiceman and start juicing, because as everyone who knows me knows that I love to say…. juice is amazing for your health – and any juice is better than no juice! It’s easy to get hung up on the perfect juicer, the best juicer machine or whatever but in the end it’s better to just pick one and start juicing.  And the Juiceman is as good as any for your home juicing setup!  Start juicing today!  :o)

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