Commercial juicers

Many cafe’s and health food stores now have commercial juicers, and are able to sell freshly made fruit and vegetable juice for premium prices. Fresh juice is the new espresso, and the drink of choice for the health conscious individual who wants look and feel good – the natural way. There is too much evidence to list, but there is no question that fresh juice detoxifies and invigorates the mind and the body.

Commercial Juicer
Commercial juicers for use in food service environments must be able to perform day in, day out, and be able to handle every possible ingredient – a list that seems to keep growing as the consumers tastes get broader. These machines are large, electrically powered, and most are now finished in stainless steel, which looks better for longer and is easy to clean.
What do you want to juice? Commercial juicers range from dedicated orange juicer machines (some are able to process whole fruit, automatically peeling for you) to general purpose models for all fruits and vegetables, to machines entirely for wheat grass juicing. If you have a juicer at home or have ever used one before then you know basically how they work. The only real difference between your home juicer machines and commercial juicers is their size and ability to process more ingredients. Commercial models need to be able to run continuously, and you will find models that can process up to 300 pounds of fruit per hour! Consider carefully how much you are likely to need to produce, and base your purchase on this. If you are expecting to sell only 10-20 cups of juice a day then don’t opt for a massive machine that will take forever to pay for itself.
A big consideration for your commercial juicer purchase will be the company’s shipping and warranty arrangements. Being large and heavy, commercial juicers are delivered by courier if not by company vehicles and this could add an unexpected cost. As for warranty, most companies offer on site service, which will is vital for a business. The last thing you want is to be freighting the whole thing off again and losing more revenue, so make sure the company offers fast service in this department.
A good way to “test the water” so to speak is to invest in a wheat grass juicer. It’s funny, that if you had tried to feed someone wheat grass juice 15 years ago, they would have demanded their money back and probably reported you! Now the stuff sells like hot cakes, and has become sideline in itself. The reason it is a good starting point now is that these juicers are more compact and cheaper, while the juice still sells for amazing prices – where I live the cafes sell shots (about 40ml) for between $5 and $8. This has a huge profit margin for the business, and you will cover the outlay in no time.
Apart from providing alternative income streams, advertising “fresh juice” also attracts new customers and boosts your image. A good place to start looking for commercial juicers is online of course, where it is easy to compare makes and models. Even if you do not feel confident to buy a commercial juicer machine online, it is still the easiest way to contact manufacturers and retailers.

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