Compelling reasons to buy a fruit juicer

How is your diet looking? Do you get your recommended daily intake of fruit and vegetables? If you do then may mad respect be forever flowing your way, because working a healthy diet around a modern lifestyle is incredibly difficult. For the rest of us, juicing and drinking fresh fruits and vegetables during the day is probably the best alternative. A fruit juicer can be something as simple as a stand alone orange juicer (either manual or electric), or as flashy as the famous Jack Lalanne Power Juicer or the flagship Angel Juicer.

fruit juicer

A fruit juicer can be a simple hand powered device, or a larger electric machine

If you were to do nothing other than to drink 2-3 large glasses of fresh fruit juice daily, maybe something plain like apple or more exotic like mangosteen juice, you would be doing the equivalent of eating over 2 pounds of fruit. For many people, intake of fresh fruit and also fresh vegetables declines as they get older, because their teeth and gums are no longer as strong. Unfortunately this is part of a vicious cycle, because as you eat less good fresh food, teeth and gums suffer even more. If the though of chewing through a hard apple and potentially breaking a tooth or hurting your gums worries you, a fruit juicer might just be the answer. But even if you are young and healthy, the idea of munching through several apples, maybe a carrot, an orange or some celery sticks is not exactly appealing. Drinking juice on the other hand is fast and easy. Many people opt to make  it at home, in the morning before work or the evening before even, and drink it during the day. Just imagine – have a glass with breakfast, one with lunch, and another with dinner – and you’ve probably just consumed more fresh fibre and nutrients than the average person does in a week!
Buying a fruit juicer makes good financial sense, and will pay for itself quite easily, if you are thinking about, or are already buying juice in cartons. Not only is juice from store bought sources not as good, but it is costly. Fresh juice from juice bars is obviously good (made fresh while you wait) but again – do the maths and you can probably buy a low cost fruit juicer to use everyday at home for the price of 10 or 15 bought fruit juices. A simple orange juicer can cost as little as $40, and will pay for itself in a few months.
When you do select a fruit juicer remember to look at these things. First, can it take large chunks of fruit? If it only has a small chute you will spend ages cutting up ingredients resulting in lost time. Second, some juicer machines are an absolute PAIN to clean after use. Does it pull apart quickly and easily? Cleaning can take ages if there are too many small components. A good juicer should be fast and easy to use, and quick to clean.

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