Cooking beetroot from raw in three easy steps

Many people eat beetroot from a tin, and while this is fast and easy, cooking beetroot from raw is much better. For a start you can use high quality vegetables, and you will have the benefit of a fresher and more interesting meal.


Regardless of how you will be preparing the beetroots (roast/boil/fry/microwave) start by:


1. twisting or cutting the leaves from the beetroot (if they are nice and fresh the leaves can be used in a green smoothie, in a salad, or juiced)

2. washing the beets to remove any dirt. Be gentle – if you scrape or cut them, they will bleed a lot of juice.

3. Patting the vegetable dry and removing any unwanted long roots


ROASTING: pat the beetroot dry, and arrange on a baking tray or dish. Do not skewer or pierce as you might with potatoes. Roast in medium oven for 1.5 – 2 hours. Cooking beetroot from raw this was takes a long time but gives a nice sweet flavour. Rubbing with oil is optional.

BOILING: Beetroot take a surprisingly long time to boil, at least 1 hour. A pressure cooker speeds this up, taking 20 minutes at 15 pounds. Once they are cold, they are good for slicing and serving in salad or sandwiches.

SAUTEING: You will need to slice them thin, between 1/4 and 1/2 inch. The thinner you slice, the quicker cooking beetroot from raw will be. Heat a knob of butter in a pan, and sauté (fry at low temperature) for 10-20 minutes, until the slices feel cooked to your liking when tested with a fork.

MICROWAVE: The quickest way to cook fresh beetroot. Place whole in a dish, and cook on high for 5 minutes. Test the vegetable with a skewer or knife, and if necessary cook further.

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