Cranberry juice benefits for women and cranberry juice in pregnancy

If you are reading this, chances are that you are either a woman or are doing the research for a woman you know.  You may be thinking about using cranberry juice for a urinary tract infection (check out my posts on using cranberry juice for UTI problems) or maybe you just like the taste of cranberry juice and want to find out what benefits it confers to women.  Perhaps you are pregnant and really crave cranberry juice!  In fact, there are many reasons why you may have come to this article, so let’s look at each reason in a little more detail.

What are some general cranberry juice benefits for women?
Cranberries have good antiviral properties and they also contain a moderate amount of antioxidants.  This is good for all women, especially to fight off viruses in the snuffly seasons, autumn, winter and spring.  Antioxidants help stave off the look of ageing.  Antioxidants are what keep the body looking young.  Because women are more prone to urinary tract infections (UTIs) than men, it’s good for women to keep up a cranberry juice intake as a regular preventative of urinary infection.  It also supports the bladder, urinary system and circulatory system, so cranberries aren’t just good for UTI prevention, they’re supportive of your whole body, too.

Cranberries contain notable amounts of tannins, quercetin, manganese, copper, vitamin C and iron.  Tannins support the skin and help to prevent skin disorders, and since many women are concerned about the health of their skin, it’s worthwhile to note that cranberries can help you here.  Also, tannins can help you stave off or fight off cancer.  Apart from acorns, cranberries are the best other food source of tannins – and I don’t think many of us go about eating acorns on a regular basis either, so cranberries it is!

Quercetin, found in good quantities in cranberries, acts as an anti-allergen by suppressing the body’s production of histamine.  Therefore it’s an antihistamine, but in natural form (instead of those pills you can buy at the chemist, which have been produced in a lab and factory).  So next time you’re getting hayfever or a mild allergic reaction, reach for the cranberry juice.  But if you are having a severe allergic reaction, then of course don’t muck around – head straight to the hospital and/or call an ambulance!  Back to quercetin – it’s a potent fighter of cancer, so well worth consuming on a regular basis.

Cranberries also contain excellent amounts of manganese, which is actually a very important element for women to consume.  Manganese is one of the best parts about cranberry juice benefits for women.  Manganese helps prevent PMS problems – it’s one of the reasons that women reach for the chocolate when they have PMS.  (Cocoa contains a high amount of manganese compared to many other foods.)  Cranberries also contain high amounts of manganese so try drinking a glass of cranberry juice next time you feel PMS symptoms coming on.  It’s also a vital mineral for preventing lethargy (which may be yet another reason why women reach for chocolate when feeling low).  Finally – manganese is necessary for mother’s milk production, so if you are pregnant(and soon to lactate) or lactating, then make sure you consume enough manganese.

When drinking cranberry juice pregnancy should not be affected.  Cranberry juice in pregnancy is a perfectly safe way to build and maintain your health and get plenty of vitamin C for yours and your growing baby’s immune systems.  If you want to drink cranberry juice in pregnancy, just be aware of one thing, and that is that drinking a LOT of cranberry juice can cause you to have diarrhoea.  And if you have a pregnancy where you are having difficulty holding on to your baby, or you are trying not to go into labour early, then you should probably avoid getting diarrhoea in the third trimester.  Of course, if your pregnancy is progressing in a perfectly normal manner and you are due to have your baby already, and want to bring on labour, then drinking enough cranberry juice to get diarrhoea might actually be enough to start off your labour!  (If you hadn’t heard this before, then now you know – labour can be brought on – provided the due date it about right – by getting diarrhoea!)  A clever use of natural means – cranberry juice in pregnancy – to induce labour – it’s worth trying if you are not keen on medical induction.

Finally, here is a tip from Laurie here at Daily Juicer.  Now, any juice is better than no juice, but if you want the full cranberry juice benefits for women and benefits of cranberry juice in pregnancy, then it is best nutritionally to drink real, raw, fresh cranberry juice.  So if you’ve got access to real raw cranberries, then juice them up in a raw juice machine and you will have in your hands a potent antioxidant cranberry drink, perfect for all women, pregnant and lactating women, and also men and children – it’s safe and delicious for everyone.  A toast to the benefits of cranberry juice for women and all!

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