Electric juicers vs manual juicers

When you are choosing a juicer you need to decide between either an electric or a manual juicer.  Some people swear by one, others by the other kind.  Although the kind of juicing you will be doing will set some choice limitations there that will help you make an easier decision.  When you make juice, you want it to be the most effective for your purposes.  Therefore, if you want to make juice that is rich in living enzymes, for instance, you will want to juice at the lowest possible heat-generation, which does probably mean a manual juicer, although it also includes the single auger and best of all, twin gear juicers.  These operate under a clever mechanism that means that the juice does not whizz around and get hot and thus denatured.  If you want to make a lot of juice fast, though, you will need an electric juicer.  There is just no way you are going to make a ton of juice fast with a manual juicer, even if you rig up the backyard pony to it and chase it around a mill-wheel!

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A manual juicer has many advantages in the kitchen

An electric juicer will do the fine job of extracting juice as fast as possible from your fruit and vegetables, which makes it easier for a time-poor life, I know what it’s like!  I actually use a single auger juicer, because of the health benefits, but I am seriously considering getting a centrifugal electric juicer as well to make me juice on those days where I can’t otherwise be bothered getting the single auger juicer dirty.  To be honest, the single auger electric juicer may be the most annoying kind of juicer to clean, because there is a metal sieve that you have to scrub out.  But a centrifugal power juicer or electric machine will only have a sieve for collecting pulp, not for actual pushing of the ingredients through the sieve, as a single auger juicer does.  Now if you are one for getting the very best, for whatever reason, the Angel Juicer can certainly deliver for you in this respect.  Being an all-stainless-steel juicer it is extremely attractive and streamlined in your kitchen and its twin gear mechanism is both kind to the delicate enzymes in your life-giving raw juice, as it is fast with the turning of the two augers against each other so that the ingredients are pressed between them.  This gives an ideal juice on all accounts and I won’t lie to you; the Angel Juicer is the best of the electric juicers available and yes I am always ranting about them.  but that is because they are awesome and I drool just thinking about getting one… I plan to some day soon, probably when my current juicer breaks. (I guess it will some day, it’s not a super duper heavy duty one.)

Anyway that is enough from my rant about electric juicers vs manual juicers, except for one more thing.  If you are only after a little citrus juice, you are best off getting a manual juicer.  A manual citrus juice press is not only practical and long-lasting, but it gives you the advantage of being able to make genuine mixer drinks, cakes and other baking and adding to curries and casseroles just with the twist of a citrus reamer or the closing of a citrus press lever.  Actually even if you have an electric juicer, you probably would do well to have one of these little citrus babies in your kitchen drawer anyway.  Just in case you only need a squeeze of citrus.

That winds it up on the topic of electric juicers vs manual juicers for this week!  Thanks for reading!

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