Using the Lalanne Power Juicer is a real pleasure – It’s fast, quiet, and reliable.

How does a life time warranty, solid stainless steel inner part construction, and enough power to pump out a full glass of juice in 10 seconds flat sound? Almost too good, but that’s the Power Juicer, from Jack Lalanne. This is the king of high output juicers, if you have the time check out some serious juicing clips on youtube, and see it absolutely demolish about 3 pounds of whole carrots in less than a minute!

The power juicer uses a powerful electric motor coupled to a full stainless steel centrifugal cutting barrel via a fully sealed drive, for surprisingly quiet operation for such a high output machine.

The Power Juicer doesn’t need to be put on the hard sell – it has so many endorsements from agencies across the country (even the Ovarian Cancer Alliance have put their print on it), and if that wasn’t enough the makers offer it with 60 day money back, no questions asked conditions. In short, the folks at Jack Lalanne are very confident that customers will love the Power Juicer.

Power Juicer

Certainly a big selling point is the fact that this juicer machine can handle whole sized fruit – the chute is big enough for whole apples to go in. If you have ever used a smaller or older juicer, you know how much time it can take to cut everything up into bite sized pieces, and feed them in one after the other. None of that here, whole carrots, you can literally feed it a whole bunch of celery in one go if you want to.

Juice extraction on the power juicer works by the principle of centripetal force, kind of like a centrifuge. Inside the machine is a bowl shaped grating device, imagine it like a spinning cheese grater. When you drop ingredients in, they get shredded up by the spinning grater, and due to the spinning action juice is flung outwards and collected and pours into your glass. While older juicers similar in design to this one always struggled to extract an acceptable amount of liquid (you would end up with pulp that was still quite juicy) the high power output of the Jack Lalanne juicer allows it to force much more juice out. The test is when you look at the pulp that it leaves behind. You will find that it feels quite dry, with not much liquid left at all.

The Jack Lalanne Power Juicer is a great addition to the modern kitchen, and a great way to introduce children to a healthy diet including raw fruit and vegetable juices. This is definitely the ultimate in high speed juicing!

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