Fast or slow: Different types of stainless steel juicers

So you like the idea of a shiny, sleek stainless steel juicer in your kitchen? Good choice, people! Lets briefly discuss the juicer designs out there with pros and cons. Both kinds can be bought as either plastic or stainless steel variants, the advantages of which I think I’ve extolled enough already.

First – fast and slow juicers. Stay with me…doesn’t everyone want a “fast” juicer?

There are two common ways modern juicers are designed. The “fast” kind use a spinning barrel that is sort of like a cheese grater. fruit or vegetables essentially fall onto this quickly spinning barrel, get shredded up by the grater, and because of the spinning centrifugal action of the barrel, the liquid in the fruit gets thrown outwards and is collected. The advantages are a very quick glass of juice – some juicer machines will make a glass in 10 seconds flat!

However, there is a down side too: the rough handling of the juice, which leads to degradation of the enzymes and also aeration (it gets frothy as air gets mixed in) which means the juice really needs to be drunk straight away. Even storing it in the refrigerator will see it go brown and off in about 24 hours.

The “slow” juicers use a totally different principle. instead of shredding the fruit, they crush it slowly. They are usually referred to as auger juicers (these have a slowly turning screw that winds the fruit into a smaller space, squeezing the juice out) or masticating juicers (these basically mash the fruit down in a munching action…kids love them! Why would anyone want a slow juicer? The answer is that the juice they make is much much better. Because it is squeezed slowly and less violently there is less damage to the natural enzymes, and you will find this juice actually keeps for several days. these slower juicers are also easier to take apart and clean in my experience. It will take more like a couple of minutes to make a glass.

So what is more important to you? I’ve said it before, making juice with any juicer is better than no juicer so don’t let me bias too much. Both types come in stainless steel juicers, of which the auger style I must say do look very impressive. The good thing about a stainless steel juicer is that it will still look new in two years (provided you look after it).

You can find great discounts on juicers online, or if you are just starting out maybe look in the classified section of the local newspaper. Plenty do get sold as unwanted gifts.

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