Gentle natural detox with fresh raw juice made at home in your own juicer machine

What does natural detox mean?

IN recent years detox has become a very common expression, with a lot more information coming to light about the harmful long term effects of drugs, alcohol, stressful living conditions and bad diets. Detoxifying our bodies basically means flushing out toxins that have built up, and sadly, there are many companies and programs that take advantage of people who are desperate to improve their health, by offering impossible miracle cures and drugs (more drugs…go figure!) to just make it all better. The sad thing is there is no way you can just instantly detoxify – products like this commonly do something to simply cover up the visible effects, so you stop worrying, but of course it will just come back to bother you in some other way.
A good diet and low stress level is the only long term solution to bad health.

Natural detox

Why do a natural detox?
There are many reasons why you may wish to do a natural detox.  So many health problems can be traced to our modern lifestyle.  In many cases it is not our fault, for instance, food is sprayed with poisonous chemicals which kill weeds and bugs, but may do goodness knows what to our own bodies.  Many syndromes and diseases can stem from or be made worse by the presence of toxins.  So a person who wants to aid their acne treatment, infertility or PCOS treatment, migraine treatment, cancer treatment, light therapy pain relief etc will all do well from the boost that juicing brings.  There is no magic button in these instances, but juice, especially vegetable juice (rather than fruit juice, which tends to be high in sugar) can really help the body heal itself when and where it can.  If nothing else you will get a bit dose of vitamin C naturally from your raw juice, which is a huge factor in the body’s repair.

How can I implement a good diet and lower the stress in my life?  We’re all so busy these days.
Stress is something that can be difficult to control as we need to work jobs we don’t want to sometimes in order to support our families, but diet is something most of us could actually improve quite easily if we tried. Most experts lose no time in informing that we basically eat too much processed food – not enough raw, fresh food like our prehistoric ancestors would have. Easy to  say, but how can you easily get raw food into a modern diet? The answer that many people subscribe to is fresh fruit and vegetable juice, which really ticks all the boxes – it is raw and unprocessed, full of fiber, retains all the natural goodness of the fruit and vegetables, and above all it is quick and easy to consume. You don’t need to spend ages munching through tough veggie sticks, as the juicer machine has done the “chewing” for you.  Also, consider changing your cooking oil from canola oil to cold-pressed coconut oil.

So which juicer makes the healthiest juice?
Fresh juice tastes delicious, and if you can manage to get down a couple of glasses a day you are doing the equivalent of eating more than a pound of raw ingredients!  (If you spend a lot of time driving or commuting, a cup holder for your car may assist you in taking your juice along and sipping it on the road, too.)   If you are serious about making the  best juice, check out a masticating juicer such as the Angel Juicer. This is a very solid, heavy duty machine that can not only juice but also puree and make nut butters on the side. It weighs in at a huge 22 pounds – that’s because the juicing mechanism is solid stainless steel. Although any juice is better than no juice, the Angel Juicer is regarded as possibly the best home juicer on the market at present and is a long term investment in your own health.
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