A simple lemon juicer helps you get a quick and easy health boost

Kids will love your homemade lemonade, freshly squeezed from lemons and limes form the green grocer or better yet off the tree. lemonade is really easy to make – basically just water and lemon or lime juice. You may also want to add some sugar or some dissolved honey to sweeten it, but that’s all you need.

lemon juicer

Squeezing lemons by hand is quite difficult. It is a good hand exercise for sure, but that’s not really what we want to do! How many can you squeeze by hand? You’re going to need about 5-10 lemons for a jug of lemonade, so better start flexing those muscles…

What you need is a simple and inexpensive lemon juicer to take out the hard work. All a modern lemon juicer consists of is really two handles and two halves of a lemon shaped sieve. A lot of clever design has gone into these things to give you lots of leverage, and all you need to do is drop your lemon halves into the hand held device and push the handles together. All the juice gets forced out of the fruit in one quick motion, with very little waste. With one of these little juicers you can easily juice 10 whole lemons in less than 5 minutes. Try doing that with your fingers!

Lemonade, cooking sauces and delicious glazes on meats, and in pastry and baking, there are many use for fresh tangy lemon in the kitchen. A lemon juicer is a must for anyone who has ready access to fresh citrus.

Even the kids can use hand held juicers, again thanks to the massive leverage the handle design gives you.

One of the most popular designs is the Norpco press, which you can get in Aluminum or stainless steel finish. With its simple elegant lines and compact size the Norpco fits easily into the kitchen drawers, and the durable finish means it is a friend for life. Or for something bigger, you could try the Metrokane juicer press – not cheap, but very stylish. There are lots of similar shaped and sized hand held lemon juicers, and you will find they don’t cost all that much – expect between $20 and $40, the latter being for a really top quality product that any chef can be proud to own.

Juice from lemons and limes is also a great source of vitamin C (early seafarers used to carry limes on long voyages to help them stay healthy) and drinking even a small glass can provide you with all your Vitamin C needs for a whole day.  And just in case you juice so many lemons for your family that you get tired (lol), go and have a relaxing sitz bath… healthy and relaxing!

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