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Have you ever heard of Jack LaLanne?  He is this crazy little powerhouse of a guy with a huge personality and a huge important message.  You deserve better health – and the food you eat today will be walking and talking tomorrow.  At the age of 95 this fella is still going strong with a two hour workout every morning.  He does weights for 1 1/2 hours and swims or walks the other half hour.  Ever since he was 15 he had decided to take control of his health and fitness and has been an advocate of healthy eating and exercise his whole life long.  Something he is known for saying often is, “I can’t afford to die, it would ruin my image!”  He is a Doctor of Chiropractic and actually invented many of the gym machines used worldwide today, for instance leg extension machines and pulley machines utilising cables.  In his lifetime he has licensed two models of electric juicers, including the Power Juicer.

Here is a juice recipe by Jack

Jacks juicer

“From the Root”


  • 1 beet
  • 1 carrot
  • 1 sweet potato
  • 1 apple
  • ½ a lemon, peeled

Jack La Lanne´s Power JuiceYou can make this juice mix in Jacks Juicer.  Keep in mind this juice won’t be considered low GI, because beets, carrots, and sweet potatoes, all being root vegetables, store simple carbohydrates in their roots, thus this will contain quite a lot of sugar.  Of course, apples also contain a fair bit of sugar, so don’t drink this one all day every day – but it’s just an idea of what Jacks Juicers can do.  They have no problem handling hard vegetables like beets, which some of the cheaper centrifugal juicer machines may struggle with.  (They will juice it, no doubt, but may not get as much juice out as Jack LaLane’s Juicer.

Jack LaLanne markets and endorses the Jack LaLanne Juicer range, which these days includes the following list:

1.  Power Juicer Classic

2. Power Juicer Express

3. Power Juicer Deluxe

4. Power Juicer Pro

5. Power Juicer Elite

Jack LaLanne himself eats an organic vegetarian diet, with some fish.  Organic vegetable and fruit juice will obviously be better quality than non-organic juice, but any juice is better than no juice.  Non-organic vegetables and fruits are grown with pesticides and herbicides, to varying degrees depending on what country and state it comes from.  Almost all non-organic food has been sprayed.  Yet, by drinking juice, you are getting a lot of the antioxidants and vitamins that will help your body to clear out toxins and spray residues – so even though it’s not ideal, drinking juice is still a good step forward for your health.

jacks Juicer

Oranges juiced with Jack's Juicer

A Jack LaLanne Power Juicer will definitely save you time in the long run if you are making your juicer recipes on a regular basis because it operates extremely fast.  They come with several different specifications but across the board they are all safety-approved and dishwasher safe.  They have an extra-large round shaped chute which accmomodates all sizes of fruits and vegetables, saving you chopping time.  The Power Juicer Deluxe is no doubt the best of the bunch, and they make no secret of this… with its non-drip spout, stainless steel blade and housing, patented extraction technology which claims to extract more than 30% more juice than other centrifugal juicers, 3600 RPM motor that comes with a lifetime warranty, and extra large detachable pulp collector, the Power Juice Deluxe has all the things you would look for in a centrifugal juicer.

The looks of the machine are elegant and clean, with the stainless housing for easy cleanup and a nice blend with a modern kitchen decor.

If you choose to get one of Jacks Juicers, I’d definitely recommend the Power Juicer Deluxe.  🙂

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