Health benefits of cabbage and how to treat ulcers with cabbage juice

Drinking cabbage juice might sound pretty horrible, but in reality raw cabbage isn’t that bad. Apart from being rich in essential vitamins and nutrients, cabbage has some powerful medicinal properties that you can easily and safely take advantage of at home. Let’s have a quick look at why this vegetable is special, and then how to make cabbage juice for ulcers.


What is special about cabbage?

· It’s a great source of Vitamin C, which acts as an anti-oxidant and helps fight off infections and illness. Cabbage nutrients are more concentrated than the nutrients found in most fruits.

· It contains Glutamine, an amino acid that has anti inflammatory properties and can soothe infections, and in particular te pain from stomach ulcers.

· Gefarnate, another one of the underrated cabbage nutrients, strengthens the mucus lining of the gut

· High in fiber – this is great for digestive and bowel health.

· It’s cheap! Cabbage is easy to grow in most climates and costs very little compared to many “fashionable” fruits and vegetables.


What is an ulcer and why is cabbage good for you?

Ulcers can occur in the stomach or the duodenum (the first bit of the small intestine after the stomach). Normally the wall of the stomach or intestine is well protected from our powerful stomach acid by a layer of special mucus, but if this wears away the acid can attack the lining of the gut. The result may be anything from mild irritation to agonizing pain. Traditional diets for ulcers consist of bland foods that will not further irritate the gut, but more recent studies have found that high-fibre foods offer good long term relief.

The raw cabbage benefits for persons suffering from ulcers are many: Raw vegetable fibre improves digestion, Glutamine in the cabbage reduces inflammation and encourages healing, while another compound, Gefarnate, increases the production of mucus in the stomach, preventing further ulcers from forming. Sounds good – so lets get to it and learn how to make cabbage juice for ulcers.


There are several ways to take advantage of the many raw cabbage benefits.

1. Use a juicer and learn how to make cabbage juice – it’s not hard. Any juicer machine can do it. The nutritional value of cabbage juice is incredibly high, plus it is really easy to drink. A half-head of the vegetable makes about two large glasses of juice.

2. Cabbage smoothie – this sounds revolting, but like the juice it has a fairly mild taste. Smoothies are higher in fibre than juice and quicker to make. All you need is a blender. Follow this link for more info and recipes on green smoothies.

3. Eat it raw. Raw food diets for ulcers can improve health significantly, and certainly this is a cheap and easy option. But, it’s hard eating more than a cup of shredded leaves a day. Still the nutritional value of cabbage is the same as with juicing. It’s just slower.


Why RAW cabbage? Is cabbage good for you when it’s been cooked?

Cooking things is great because it makes them softer and tastier, but the problem is that lots of good things in foods are destroyed by heat. The raw cabbage nutrients (and the health benefits cabbage has) are damaged when you cook it. Hey, cooked cabbage is still a vegetable and still adds valuable fibre to your diet, so it’s not a bad thing to eat – but unfortunately only the raw stuff has such potent healing properties.


How to make cabbage juice – My quick and easy method

· Use only fresh and healthy cabbage. For the greatest health benefits cabbage from organic farms is best if you can afford it.

· Remove the outer leaves as these are often soft and have dirt on them.

· Use a big chef’s knife to cut the cabbage in half, then each half into quarters. Then chop out the hard piece of stalk left in each quarter (it tastes bitter).

· Slice each quarter to suit your juicer. For masticating juicers with a narrow chute like mine you need to shred it pretty thin, but bigger juicer machines can take whole chunks.

· Drink the juice ASAP – I find that even after a few minutes the juice takes on a much stronger “cabbagey” smell and taste.

· What if it tastes really bad? Try mixing in a bit of fresh ginger root. You will quickly get used to the taste of raw vegetables, but ginger adds a fresh flavor and covers the cabbage. Chilling the juice with ice cubes also makes it taste milder. Another trick that works for very strong tasting juice is to drink it through a straw – your face is further away from the glass, so the juice doesn’t smell as potent. Try it – it really works!


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