How to make healthy fruit smoothies for kids and adults alike – with your normal home blender

Check out these quick and healthy smoothies to make at home for you and your kids – it’s so easy…

Fruit smoothies make a perfect snack for kids of all ages, especially if made from fresh milk, yoghurt, fruits and berries.  The best recipes for smoothies for kids are the ones that contain a balanced mix of fruit, protein and fats, which can be obtained by simply using either dairy or nut milk in the fruit smoothie.

You don’t need to buy any expensive appliances – if you’ve got a blender or a food processor, you’re ready to start.  Of course, those who own a Vitamix or Blendtec will enjoy making smoothies in these appliances, but you really don’t need them (although they have helped a lot of busy families learn how to make fruit smoothies at home with minimal fuss – they are worth the investment).  However, for now, a run-of-the-mill blender from an ordinary department store will do just fine, as I’m sure you want to get into all of these healthy smoothies to make at home.

In this article you’ll also find recipes for smoothies for kids to make themselves, but an adult should always supervise the use of kitchen appliances, of course.  Thermomix fans are probably aware that there is a mini Thermomix model for kids which is ideal for using recipes for smoothies for kids – they can even operate the machine themselves, as it is made to be safe.

So then: here is a 2-minute guide on how to make fruit smoothies at home!

Fruit smoothie recipes with milk are probably the most popular choice.  Some of the best fruit smoothie recipes with milk are made with very few ingredients.  It may seem counterintuitive, but often, less is more with smoothies.  Using the freshest and best ingredients you can find, such as organic or raw whole milk (for children, always use whole milk or full-fat milk – they need those good fats for their growing brain!), fresh berries in season or frozen berries, and fresh creamy yoghurt or ice-cream.  Simply toss in a blender and whizz together.  On a very hot day you may like to add some ice cubes to the mixture as they will provide a nice “frozen slushie” texture and will help to keep the drinks cold if there is a delay in serving.  Fruit smoothie recipes with milk make particularly good recipes for smoothies for kids to make, because they are simple.

How to make fruit smoothies at home – a flexible recipe for you to bookmark

1. Take one blender and add two cups of ice or other frozen liquid.  You could use frozen fruit juice, or even frozen yoghurt or milk.  (Just freeze ahead in some ice-cube trays.)
2. Fill blender with fruits that you so desire.  Here’s some combos to get you started: strawberry, peach and banana.  Kiwi fruit, passionfruit and mango.  Orange, banana and mango.  Nectarine, coconut and raspberry.  Make up your own combinations!
3. Blend the fruits and ice until you have a slushie-textured puree.
4. Add about a cup of some kind of tasty liquid ingredients, such as fruit juice, coconut water, dairy milk, nut milk, runny yoghurt or kefir.
5. Blend again until you have a pourable, but thick, smoothie.
6. Serve and drink straight away before it melts or separates!
7. For extra indulgence, if you are making fruit smoothie recipes with milk, add a splash of cream or a scoop or two of ice cream!

Healthy smoothies to make at home without dairy products
Want to know some tricks for making dairy-free healthy smoothies to make at home?
1. Instead of crushing ice into the smoothie, use frozen fruit instead.  Good fruits to freeze include mango, banana, and berries.
2. Play with different dairy-free milks.  There’s coconut milk, rice milk, oat milk, various nut milks, and many other variations.
3. Add some dairy-free ice cream for a smooth and delicious effect.
4. Avocados are wonderful in healthy dairy-free smoothies, as they are quite bland in themselves, but they provide healthy fats, a creamy texture and a filling feeling to the smoothie.

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