How to make orange juice from oranges: No mess fresh squeezed orange juice recipe

Making orange juice is dead easy, and should be lots of fun especially if you have kids who can help you. You don’t need any expensive gadgets (although there are a few cool ones like the Metrokane juicer) and oranges are cheap and easy to buy. Here’s a super quick how-to:

The oranges: Navel oranges are usually the best oranges for juicing, and the cheapest as well. You can use blood oranges, but they cost more and are not a large, so take more time. Buy your oranges in a net or bag, the bigger the better. The fruit should be firm, smell good, and should not have any green spots. If they do it means they were picked too unripe, and will taste flat at best. The best oranges for juicing would be grown organically, but realistically these are often just way too expensive.


Before you juice: Ideally you really should was all fruit before juicing. Even though you won’t be eating the rind, a rinse still prevents you from picking up chemical residues when you handle the fruit.


A great trick I learnt: thump or firmly roll the oranges on a hard surface before you cut them up – it makes the juice easier to squeeze out! This seems to work for all citrus fruits. I have no idea how or why – but try it , it really seems to make even dry oranges and lemons somehow juicier!


1. Using an orange reamer: Cut oranges in half, and push and twist firmly onto your reamer. Do it over the sink. Use a teaspoon to remove pulp from the reamer as it builds up and either eat it or drop it into the juice – it’s quite delicious. I use about 2 ½ oranges per cup of juice using a reamer.

2. With a masticating juicer: I have to tell you a slow speed juicer is not that good for making a fresh squeezed orange juice recipe, but it does work. You need to peel your oranges, and cut them into cubes that can fit into your juicer chute. Turn the pulp ejector to maximum tightness if you can adjust it, and this will hopefully result in fairly dry pulp. However, I find my Lexsun single auger juicer just wastes too much juice. Last resort only for a fresh squeezed orange juice recipe.

3. Electric citrus juicer: A cheating version of the orange reamer, but fast and easy. Cut oranges in half and press onto the turning cone or blade till all the flesh is crushed fairly dry.

4. How to make orange juice from oranges by hand: only try this if you have hands like a lumber jack, but it does actually work okay for just one or two glasses. Cut oranges in half, then hold over a bowl and squeeze as hard as you can with both hands. Alternatively cut into quarters as this makes it easier. Not recommended for more than a glass at a time though.

Here’s how to make orange juice from oranges with some extra kick: Try adding some ginger root, lemon or lime juice, or a splash of cranberry concentrate. As a rule, orange goes well with bright tasting and colored juices, but not with green juices or green smoothies.


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