Interview with a user of Jack LaLanne juicers: Jack’s juicer reviewed by a neighbour

I asked around lately regarding Jack LaLanne juicers, to see if somebody had one.  I thought that is is only fair that I gave it a decent review, as they are so popular and everyone has seen the TV commercial.  I finally met someone at my local post office actually, while I was there posting off some chocolate roses to my cousin for her birthday.  The person said that yes they had one of these Jacks Juicers.  The funny thing was, it turned out he only just lived down the road from me, but I had never met him before.  Such is modern life!  Anyway, he agreed to do an informal interview over a coffee at the cafe up the street, so I took the opportunity then and there to ask him about his Jack LaLanne juicer.

Jack's power juicer

For those who don't recognize him, Jack Lalanne is a veritable health legend

So, what was your name again?  I didn’t quite catch it properly before.

My name is Toby, well my friends call me Dick actually which is a bit of a random way to get to my name, but I used to be really fat, and this nerdy friend I had in high school started calling me Moby Dick in reference to the whale, and it was, like, a friendly name calling thing not a mean thing, so I guess it just stuck, and now a lot of my buddies call me Dick!  So you can call me Dick too if you want!

No worries Dick, that’s a pretty crazy way to get a nickname.  So you say you used to be “really fat”, but I can see right now that you’re lean as anything man.  Now I know nicknames stick, but how did you, well, get the weight off?  Was it anything to do with juicing?

Yep it sure did Laurie, when I got to college I started to realise that I just wasn’t going to get anywhere the way I was, I mean I wasn’t just fat, I had a lot of acne on my face and I was always so tired, I couldn’t concentrate in my lectures and I used to end up sleeping when I got home and wasn’t spending enough time on assignments.  People have this image of the fat guy who plays computer games all day and stays up all night looking at porn and stuff, but that’s not everyone, you know that might be some guys but it wasn’t me.  I just couldn’t seem to get up the energy or the motivation to get out more, i knew I had to get some exercise but I didn’t know where to start.  Way too embarrassed to hit the college gym.  Fast weight loss wasn’t even on my mind, I would have been happy to just lose a pound for starters.  But I just stayed at home and got a bit depressed about it all, I suppose.

So what happened?  Did something kick start the change for you?

Well I have a cousin who’s 22, she was only a teenager then, but anyway she’s really sporty and healthy and social, and she was always writing me letters and stuff, you know, how girls do with stickers on it and stuff.  We used to play a lot as kids cos back then our parents lived in a co-joined building in the city and she treated me like the big brother she didn’t have.  So we were always fairly close, and she’s writing to me and telling me that I should do more with my life and that if I lost some weight I’d feel more motivated, and I always kinda brushed her off, because well a twenty-something guy is way different from a teenage girl, right?  I thought all teenage girls were just skinny by default.  But anyway my cousin, she wouldn’t let up and eventually she got her parents – my uncle and aunt on my mom’s side – to buy me a juicer machine.  Their household is really healthy, like I said.  Organic food and stuff.  I don’t buy all-organic these days but I can finally see their point.

Let me guess, they got you a Jack LaLanne Juicer.

That’s right, a Jack LaLanne juicer with a recipe book and some other stuff, a coupon for the fresh food store near my college and a free pass to the local pool.  Girls, they think of this stuff, geez I never think that far ahead!  So  I had to hand it to Lucy (that’s my cousin), she really did give me a kick in the butt, and yeah I started juicing stuff.  There was no way I was heading to the pool (gave the pass to my dorm roommate) but I went and bought ingredients for a juice recipe, and that was it, I was hooked.

You liked it?

Yeah it gave me so much energy.  Suddenly I would feel awake enough to stay up and do stuff.  I started to say yes when my friends asked me to come and play pool or bowling with them.  I’d always just stayed in before, I was dead boring!  I made juice every morning before I headed out, and every night I’d have the other half the juice which I’d put in my fridge.  I’ve since learned that you should actually drink juice from a power juicer like Jack’s Juicer as soon as it’s made, it doesn’t keep real well, but anyway it was obviously still good for me.  The pounds started to come off, I can’t say it was just juice cos I did start walking a lot more too due to having more energy, and I was just generally more active, but the juice definitely did a heap for my health.  I would never go back to not juicing, even though now I run a lot and I don’t think I’ll ever put the weight on again.  But fresh juice recipes just makes you feel good, ya know.

Hey this is so much like my story.  Amazing that we actually only live down the road from each other.  Anyway, I won’t keep you all day Toby, I mean Dick!  So which juicer did your uncle and aunt get you, and how did you find it went in terms of user friendliness?

Well they got me the Jack LaLanne Stainless Steel Juicer Pro, I think it’s called the PJP.  I’ve never used any other juicer, so I don’t have one to compare with, but it’s a great little machine.  Probably not the best thing on the market out there, I guess – gotta love them infomercials for convincing us all that they invented stuff.  But hey, it does the job.

How does it go with different textures of fruits and vegetables?  Does it handle all different kinds?

Yeah it can do pretty much anything.  It doesn’t get a whole heap out of green leafy vegetables, that I was told were good for weight loss and detox, so you do end up with what seems like a fair bit of wastage there.  But, if you clean it properly and don’t force stuff through, it does fine even with hard things.  When you juice something like sweet potato in it, you do have to take it apart here and there during the process and clean out the filter.  I reckon you’d get that with all machines.

Yes even with our single auger juicer, even though the filter is not attached to the juicer as with an auger juicer the pulp and the juice come out seperately.  But you still have to clean it during the juicing process, so I see what you mean.

That’s right, nothing’s automated.  Even the best juicer is going to need a human with a brain operating it, right!  One of the things I don’t like about this juicer though, is that it claims to make no vibration but actually, it does.  There’s a lot of power to squeeze that juice out and the motor makes the thing vibrate a lot on the bench.  I wouldn’t exactly call it whisper quiet, either, although compared to some others I’ve seen at friends’ places, it is reasonably quiet.

Any other gripes with it?

oh, let me see.  The juicer pour spout is a bit low.  I usually put a bowl on a stool beneath the spout and it can be a bit awkward sometimes, it would be nice to just be able to put a bowl or jug on the bench along with the juicer.  Also, the juice tends to separate really fast.  but I have heard that this happens with any centrifugal juicer.  You just have to drink it straight away.

So do you think you’d get another Jack LaLanne Juicer again after this one dies?

Yeah I guess that will happen some time soon, they can’t last forever.  Well, to be honest, probably not.  I think I’ll get a non-centrifugal juicer instead, like one of these single auger ones you’re talking about.  They sound better, and I’m obviously not a college kid with no dosh anymore so I could afford a reasonably nice one nowadays.

That’s awesome, Dick.  You should totally look into the Angel Juicer, it’s the one I’ve got my eye on now.  And just before I let you go… would you recommend a Jack LaLanne Juicer to somebody new to juicing?

Yes I’d say go for it.  Especially if someone is offering to buy one for you, it’s not going to be hard to come by, everyone knows what they are, they can’t go and get you the wrong one or something.  Also i see the ads and they’re not expensive, so if you want to start juicing somewhere, why not try Jacks Juicer.  It’s fine for a beginning juicer like I was.  Thanks for the interview Laurie, we’ll have to share juice recpies some time!

Sure thing Dick, in fact check out my website where I’ll be posting this later today., I post on there all the time, so you’ll definitely find something interesting to read on there.  I’m posting some more juice recipes in the next couple of days, actually.  Stay tuned!

Thanks Laurie,  You have a great day.

You too!  Cheers!

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