Introducing the new Angel Juicer 8500

We are excited to bring you theĀ  latest Angel Juicer 8500 model which has been well received since its release in early 2011. Although Angel have kept the classic design from the highly successful earlier models, this latest machine has been given a few nice upgrades over the Angel Juicer 5500:


1. Automatic reverse function, for clearing of blockages. In practice most people find this automatic function rarely kicks in, but in the event that too much vegetable matter has been stuffed into the chute, this feature ensures that there is no chance of damaging the mesh screen or any other parts.

2. Reduced overall weight. Being heavy can be a good indication of build quality, but anyone who has actually picked up an Angel Juicer will agree that these things are just monsters. The new Angel Juicer 8500 still weighs in at approximately 20 pounds, but the several pounds it has lost make it easier to move around the kitchen for cleaning, and also lower its shipping cost to your door.

3. Higher grade stainless steel used throughout. Although it looks the same as earlier models, the Angel Juicer 8500 uses a different kind of stainless steel. Previous models (the 5500 and 7500) used what is known as 304-stainless steel, or “food grade” stainless, while the 8500 model uses “surgical grade” or 316-stainless steel. To find a difference between the two is really splitting hairs, but the newer “surgical grade” stainless steel does have a finer finish, making it easier to clean and more hygienic as well as having a deeper luster and shine.

Just like the previous models, the Angel 8500 comes with everything you need to get started making great juice at home. This includes a nice 35-page full color book, which is an owners manual and recipe guide all in one. For those who are not familiar with what the Angel Juicers can do, here is a brief list of just some of the things you can try:

– Juice fruits and vegetables

– grind meats and fish

– make nut butters and spreads

– crush grains, pulses, and legumes

– juice wheatgrass and barleygrass

– make your own soy/ almond/ rice milk


Commonly asked questions:

Is it dishwasher safe? YES – full steel construction will stand up to virtually anything

How long is the warranty? A massive 10 YEARS. More than on a new car.

Is it available in xx-country or in xx-voltage? Yes, Angel sell via distributors in all countries.

Why is it so expensive? Because it is great quality inside out. Unlike cheaper juicers that look good on the outside, no shortcuts have been taken with this machine. Unfortunately, using high quality parts means that the Angel Juicer 8500 is not, and will never be, a bargain box special. But you can rest assured that you get what you pay for – in this case a top of the range machine.


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