About juice diets and detox – it’s a lot cheaper with your own juicer machine

You will often hear juice enthusiasts talking about juice as though is is a food, and honestly it is almost as good as a food. It contains such high levels of nutrients, vitamins and minerals that you could  in fact live off it for a while if you had to. This is evidenced by people who go on so called “juice diets” or “juice fasts” where they consume nothing but fresh fruit or vegetable juice for anywhere between one day and a week.

Juice diet

This is easy to do, all you need is a juicer machine, fresh produce and willpower! Although a “diet” of this sort needs to be approached with a lot of caution (there are documented cases of people falling ill, and even starving in some cases, though these were fairly extreme circumstances) it can be a great way to detoxify your body after an illness or if you have been taking drugs or drinking to excess.

When considering a juice diet it is best to start slowly – just go for a day to begin with, say skip breakfast and lunch but allow yourself an evening meal. How much juice to drink daily depends on how hungry you get – usually around 2 big glasses per meal is a good guide, and you can fill in between meals with more if you want it. If you are concerned about calorie intake don’t worry too much – although some juices are high in sugar, it is quickly and easily processed, and with a lack of other normal foods, will be burnt up. Juice is very unlikely to make you fat! What you can do if sugar is off the menu is stick mainly to vegetable juices rather than fruit. Put a combination of fruit and vegetables through your juicer machine at the same time to sweeten stronger juices. Celery in particular has very low energy value, and is a great acne detox drink as juice.
If you were to buy all your fresh juice ready to drink this costs quite a bit of money. Where I live a 500ml cup of juice costs about $8, so you can be spending around $30 day on juice if you do it this way. Using a juicer machine at home, and / or a wheatgrass juicer if you are including this potent juice in your diet, is by far the more economical choice, and will pay for itself in a reasonable length of time. If you have your own juicer machine you are also more likely to try new combination’s of fruits and vegetables. Just be mindful of your own health and state of well being before you go on any extreme diet, and if in any doubt consult someone who can give you sound advice. Any way you choose, a juicer machine is a great way to kick off a new and healthy lifestyle move, be it a major diet or just a small amount daily. It doesn’t take much to make a big difference, and this may really be the best way to start. Try making just one cup a day, and work your way up from there – that one cup will already send your body reeling with a boost of natural vitamins, nutrients, and other good compounds to improve your health.

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