Juicer reviews – how to get unbiased juicer reviews during your search for the best juicer

Juicer reviews to help you choose the best juicer will give you some idea which to buy, but sometimes it can be biased.  Instead of giving you genuine information about which juicer to buy, a search for juicer reviews will just turn up the average customer review that has only the positive sides of the item.  Picks including Amazon and the other large companies will just tell you what they want you to hear, they will sell you without you noticing.  It can be hard to get genuine juicer reviews!

Reading juicer reviews online is a good idea

What you need to do is dig down deeper in the Google search if you are looking for juicer machine reviews.  Don’t just look at the review, look at the whole site.  not to put in a plug here for my own site, but look for sites that actually have written blog posts or genuine stuff about their lives, not just trying to sell you their juicers.  A site, for instance, that sells juicers will probably have a more biased juicer reviews than will a site that only has information.  After all, what do you have to sell if you only have information.  Maybe you sell information, but that will never morph into a real live juicer no matter how hard Google tries!!

For instance say you are after a Breville juice fountain (quite a popular model, going by the sheer volume of juicer reviews available on the Juice Fountain Elite and Juice Fountain Compact) – you don’t just want to read the top few reviews on Amazon and then buy the product because the top few people gave it five stars.  Rememeber, Amazon will want to make a maximum profit so they will try and flog lower quality stock average customers will still unthinkingly buy.  So when you are looking for juicer reviews, rev up your search a little, by using different words in the Google search box that will get you some websites that haven’t just paid someone to get to the top of the searches.  (Yep, people do pay for services to make their websites come up in the top of Google searches – it’s muddy ethical water, isn’t it!)  If you add some different words into your search, you are more likely to find real peoples’ words talking about real juicers that they have tried themselves.

If you are looking for a citrus juicer, say the Black n Decker citrus juicer, instead of just typing in “black decker citrus” which is the obvious search, mix it up a little say “decker citrus juicer” and you are going to get slightly different results.  The idea is to keep it mixed up and a little offbeat and you will bring up the websites that are smaller than Amazon and those big fellas.  Here’s another try: “citrus juicer cj625” instead of just the plain bran name.  If you know the model you are researching, you can get that in as well and if there are misspellings that are possible on that brand, then try a few.  Jack LaLanne Power Juicer for instance, is spelled the way I just did, but heaps of people get it wrong.  If you want a real juicer review from a real person, you could try typing it in misspelt.

Or you could try a longer search.  Try searching for centrifugal juicers single people can use, rather than looking for “centrifugal juicers small” because of course small is likely to bring up a mega website that sells stuff, whereas looking for longer terms will brign up stuff like blogs, social media sites etc where people share their real opinions about juicers and well, everything else under the sun, as you probably know first hand if you have ever used something like Facebook, etc…  A customer review is not necessarily going to be on the bigwig’s wesbite.  In fact it is more likely on be on some random blog out there where someone has decided to share their passion for juicing.  That’s going to be more genuine, for obvious reasons.

Another telltale sign is if a website if giving free information, for instance juicer recipes or free ebooks on stress management, breakfast smoothies, how to get your kids to eat more vegetables etc you may find that they are more genuine than places like Amazon.  Now don’t get me wrong here, I like Amazon and do buy stuff from them heaps, but it’s no use pretending that they are unbiased.  They are just as likely to give you an unbiased juicer review as they are to offer to read the book you just ordered from them personally to you on the phone.  yeah right haha!  It’s because they are a mega company, and that’s all right, I’m not Amazon bashing here, just pointing out that to get a customer review on juicers or anything else, you need to dig a bit harder into the search, whether that’s through Google or Yahoo or any of the search engines.

That said, you may have come here via a link from Google, and you may be thinking, “Well, Laurie, how do we know you’re not biased yourself?”  and my answer to that is, Yes, I am biased but only in a personal way.  As you may know I only use a single auger juicer at the moment, I am not pretending that I am rich enough to have bought and trialled every single juicer there is on the marker (lol it would be fun though) and also i do like to talk about the Angel Juicer but it doesn’t mean that I have one (yet).  But, I do interview people who have different juicers, so you can be sure that reviews from me will be genuine.  o:)

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