The Angel Juicer delivers juices, nut butters, and cold pressed seed oils

The most health conscious and discerning juice drinkers already know that masticating juicers make the best juice, due to slower and more gentle juicing action that does not damage enzymes and does not cause as much oxidation. Masticating juicers commonly come in single gear and twin gear juicer variants, essentially the first uses just one slowly turning screw and the latter uses two, which slowly turn against each other. Twin gear juicers can produce a lot more juice in less time, but are more costly in general.

The Angel juicer is without a doubt the highest quality twin gear juicer commercially available at present time, and while it doesn’t come cheap it packs a real punch. Angel have published a bunch of youtube clips where this machine eats its way through every imaginable kind of vegetable, with total ease. Then again this should hardly be surprising, with a rated motor output power of 3hp! That’s about the same kind of grunt as a small lawn mower!

Angel Juicer

Made of solid stainless steel, the Angel Juicer is built to last a life time. The manufacturer gives a 10 year warranty which is great (5 years is the norm), but there are simply no juicer parts to break. The juicing mechanism literally is made of solid steel, unlike cheaper masticating juicers that are generally made of (admittedly reasonably strong) plastic and aluminium parts. If you want evidence, try lifting one up. At 20 pounds, the Angel juicer is the original heavy weight in the top end juicing arena.

With the Angel Juicer there is simply nothing you cannot turn into drinks or smoothies at home. Not only can it juice things like wheat grass and parsley leaves (once again, high speed juicer machines like the Jack Lalanne Power Juicer can’t handle this), it can also be used to crush soy beans to make your own soy milk. Rice milk can also be made with the same method. This can be an economical choice, since dairy alternatives can be very expensive if used constantly.

Another application is making nut butter, using nothing but fresh wholesome nuts. Peanuts, Cashews, and almonds can all be ground into delicious and healthy spreadable butters your kids will love.

Last but not least, the Angel Juicer can go where others cannot – you can even cold press your own seed oils. Flaxseeds and Linseeds contain oils which are now recognised for their life giving properties, and being able to press the oil out of readily available seeds right at home is an exclusive opportunity to boost your well being. Simply put, the Angel Juicer is the ultimate home juicer, offering no compromise performance and quality.

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