Juicing reference – A-Z list fruits and vegetables and their benefits

Apples: apples help with the bowel, heart disorders, gall bladder problems, the liver, colon disorders and general digestion.  They are excellent for people with Type 2 Diabetes, high cholesterol, asthma, constipation, fever, heart disease and cancer.

Asparagus: excellent for menstrual pain, arthritis, kidney disorders, diabetes, coughs, inflammation, cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, lactation disorders, mucous, and heart palpitations.  Aparagus supports the heart, kidneys, blood vessels, reproductive system, bones, joints, lungs, skin and digestive system.

Beetroot: helpful in the case of hypertension, colon cancer, liver disorders, anaemia, stomach cancer, constipation, chronic infection, heart disease, rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, and skin disorders.  It is especially supportive of the biliary system, blood, immune system and digestive system.

Cabbage: extremely supportive of healing from cancer.  Also indicated in depression.

Carrots: very good for angina sufferers.  Also good for dermatitis and eczema problems, macular degeneration, flatulence and lung cancer.  It’s very supportive of the arteries and eyes.

Celery: especially helpful in the case of dizziness, hypertension, high blood pressure, headaches, rheumatoid arthritis, and migraines.  It’s supportive of the stomach, white blood cells, bowel, liver, kidneys, circulatory system, joints, and immune system.  It’s full of fibre and B and C vitamins.

Cucumber: great for water retention problems, sunburn, inflammation, sore throat, burns, intestinal parasites, edema and cancer.  Especially supportive of ligaments, spleen, and healing from skin problems.

Onion may seem like an extreme choice for the juicing novice but enthusiasts know its benefits.  From influenza and colds to cancer, this vegetable will help you regain your health.  It’s great for just about any health problem.  It’s very supportive of the immune system and circulatory system, so if you are ever feeling a cold or flu coming on, get into the onion juice – come on, you know you want to!

Oranges can help you beat pancreatic cancer.  They’re also wonderful for people suffering from gum disease and, surprisingly, infertility.  Oranges are supportive of the body’s connective tissue and of the reproductive system, and also the adrenal glands.

If you are suffering from heat stroke, watermelon juice will help you immediately.  Urinary tract infections and sore throats can also be helped to heal via watermelon.  Free radicals tkae a blow from this pretty pink fruit.  It will also help you if you have cancer.  Watermelon is particularly supportive of the stomach, bladder, heart and urinary system.

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