L equip juicer with single auger delivers on quality, effectiveness, durability and looks

There are three models of L’Equip Juicer on the market today.  Here I will focus on the L Equip Omni Juicer & Oil Press, sure to tick all the boxes when it comes to buying a no-frills, yet stylish and attractive juicer that puts your health first.  Your family will thank you for the vitality and freshness of the juice you make for them using this excellent machine.L'Equip Omni Juicer

Here we can see the L’Equip Omni Juicer, it’s a juicer in the style of “single auger”.  This means that in the clear tube you can see, a single auger will be fitted.  The casing on the right side houses the motor.  The auger turns, the vegetables and fruits are fed in through the top chute.  The green “presser” that is sitting in the chute is what you use to press the raw fruits and vegetables gently down into the chute.  As the auger turns, it grabs the incoming vegetable sticks and turns so that the pieces get squashed through a sieve at the front.  The juice then runs out below into a catcher bowl or jug; a suitable receptacle is provided with the machine, and the pith or pulp comes out the front to be caught in a different catchment container.  The auger mechnaism turns slowly enough to generate almost no heat while pressing the juice out of the fruit or vegetables, while maintaining as much speed as possible.  If you had read any of my posts about masticating juicers and auger juicers you will know why auger juicer machines preserve more of the flavour, vitamins and enzymes of the original raw fruits and vegetables.  These are what make juice vital and full of life, and the more vits and enzymes, plus other trace nutrients such as bioflavonoids, etc, the healthier the juice is for your body.  Don’t get me wrong, any juicer is better than no juice (oh did I just say that again?  😉  whoops, self slap!) but if you are after the maximum health benefit to you and your family, then definitely get a masticating juicer machine such as this one.  This one being single auger is one of the two types of auger machine; the other being the twin gear or twin auger juicer: it has two spinning augers instead, and can be slightly more efficient in getting the juice squeezed out faster, but for most families’ purposes this L’Equip Omni Juicer is perfect for all their juicing needs.  This machine runs at 160 watts, has an RPM of 80, includes pasta disks and an oil press function and equipment, and comes with a massive 10 year warranty.  L equip juicers don’t muck around, they know that you want a machine to last the distance.  Thus I do recommend these, they are an excellent choice.

Cosmetically this machine has a smooth finish and classy colours that will fit with any kitchen’s decor, from country style to retro to modern clean lines.  I have no doubt that this machine would blend in perfectly in any surroundings and provide a sure point of conversation for any visitors who come to your home.  They will be fascinated with the auger mechanism as it is not as commonly seen as the centrifuge/ejector juicer design, and you can wow them with a demonstration of its workings and give them a taste of healthful raw food with a glass of fresh juice to try there and then.  Children will be amused to watch these machines with their spinning augers, the presser or “stomper” as kids like to call it, and the way the pulp comes out the front (no doubt kids will also make comments to the effect of their amusement with the shape and form of the pulp as it comes out of the hole at the front – kids, don’t we love ’em!) and best of all, it is an extremely safe machine for children to operate.  With no sharp knives or blades whatsoever, and a long chute at the top which little fingers won’t be able to reach into (just be sure they use the pusher only and do not insert metal or other objects into the chute, as this would damage the juicer badly), you can feel safe letting the kids make their own juice with this L’Equip Omni Juicer.

Also, you can press fresh seed and nut oils with this juicer, as it comes with the attachments for creating fresh oil.  Not many single auger juicers can do this, making it a very versatile machine indeed.  Fresh oils have many more health benefits than oils bought from the shop.  Oils you make using a single auger or twin gear juicer are considered cold-press, which are the most expensive oils to buy normally in the supermarket.  Now you will be able to make them right in your own kitchen for use in salads and in cooking and baking.  Some people even add a dash of flaxseed or coconut oil to their fruit and/or vegetable juice, because it contains the essential fatty acids and fat-soluble vitamins which are essential building blocks of our cells.  This juicer can even make fresh pasta – pasta disks (attachment parts) supplied!

So there we have it: the L’Equip Omni Juicer, a really versatile and effective kitchen appliance that you can use to improve on your diet with ease.

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