Get yourself an Orange Juicer and make your own healthy juice every day

When you make your own juice at home you are not only saving money and resources, but also getting a much better and healthier product than what you would buy in a carton. Juicing oranges is one of the easiest and most popular ways of enjoying home made juice, probably because they are a very easy fruit to process. Oh, and they taste great! Get a basic orange juicer, and start the day with a hit of nutrients and vitamins you can’t match with supplements or pills.

Orange juicer
You want to select an orange juicer that is fast and easy to use, the simpler the better as you will spend less time cleaning it and are more likely to want to use it again. There are expensive electric orange juicers available which are able to automatically process a whole fruit (yes, the whole thing un-peeled, it separates the rind and spits it out for you) and probably are fun to use, but this is not justified if you are on a budget and all you want is some fresh juice for yourself at home. Manual orange juicers are actually very fast to use, and are only limited by how fast you are able to squash the juice out of the halved fruit.

The most basic way to juice is with a little reamer, a small cone shaped device that you twist the fruit onto to crush out the juice. This is fine for one or two fruit and is very cheap to buy, but gets tedious if you plan to use it every day to make larger batches. If you want more, think about getting an actual orange juicer press, an upright device that sits on a bench top, and lets you squeeze all the juice out of   an orange by pushing together two halves of a sieve. Probably the most advanced is the Metrokane Juicer, which looks awesome and is a breeze to use – it’s like one of those hand held little lemon juicer devices, but on steroids! It doesn’t take big muscles, as the machines are designed to give you maximum leverage. A good tip though is to stand so that you can use your body weight, and lean down on the handle and thus saving your hands and wrists a lot of work.
If you already have a juicer machine, and don’t want to buy a separate orange juicer then remember you can still use what you have – just peel the oranges by hand or with a knife, cut them into chunks and drop them into your regular juicer – perfect juice on demand, every time. As noted earlier, the only thing is that a regular power juicer needs to be disassembled, making cleanup more complicated than with a dedicated and simple manual juicer.

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