What are Masticating Juicers, and why is slower juicing better?

We’ve talked about all sorts of different kinds of juicers so far, but for sheer novelty and clever design the masticating juicer is a winner! Masticating juicers do their work by the same principle as our own mouths do – in that they “munch” up the fruits or vegetables, crushing the liquid out by slow and steady force and leaving very dry and well extracted pulp behind.

Masticating juicer

A masticating juicer uses slowly turning gears to gradually crush the juice out of foods. This is slower, but yields more nutritious juice.

Masticating juicers have many advantages, and can be single geared or twin geared juicers. They work very slowly on the food they process. I’ve talked before about how silly it sounds to WANT a slow juicer, but – briefly – a slower action results in less damage to the living enzymes in the juice, and these living enzymes are what makes fresh fruit and vegetable juice so fantastic at repairing and regenerating your bodies damaged cells. In practice masticating or geared juicers take a minute to make a glass full, whereas high speed juicer machines (like the Jack Lallane, or Power juicer) will take about 10 seconds.

If you can accept that “slow and steady wins the race” then avoid these high speed machines. They produce aerated juice that not only goes off in 24 hours, but simply is not as beneficial to your health. I will admit that I am not qualified to explain the technical details, but plenty has been written about slow pressed juice being much better.

Masticating juicers are basically any juicer machine that works by physically crushing your ingredients. Really simple models can even be driven by hand, which makes them quite cheap and a good choice if you plan on only making small quantities of juice.

If you plan to make wheatgrass juice, then a dedicated wheatgrass juicer may be an option for you. Wheatgrass is quite dry and stringy, which means rotary and high speed juicer machines cannot process it (they just get clogged because there is not enough liquid to extract). Masticating juicers are ideal however, because they are designed to slowly grind and crush, forcing pulp through a narrow chute. They don’t mind tough and stringy ingredients – in fact, the tougher and drier, the less clogging you will suffer because the augers, or gears that do the crushing, can grip and push the pulp harder.

Angel, GreenStar, and Lexsun all make excellent masticating juicers which come with between five and ten years of warranty. You can find reviews online, so do some research before you buy.

Kids love these juicer machines – thanks to clear plastic compartments, you can safely watch the crushing mechanism slowly “chewing” the ingredients up and turning it into juice!

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