The Jack Lalanne Power Juicer is ideal for people with a bust schedule

If you live life on the run, but still believe in making nutritious food and staying healthy then the Jack Lalanne Power Juicer (sold as the Jacks Juicer in those infomercials you all love) is what you need. The Power juicer is possibly the fastest juicer machine on the market at the moment, and can produce a glass of nutrient and vitamin rich juice literally in seconds. While there are more expensive juicers out there, few are this fast and very few come with such extensive customer satisfaction guarantees as the Jacks Power Juicer does. At the moment the marketing guys seem to be trying extra hard to sweeten the deal on these juicers, offering 60 day money back terms if you don’t feel their Power Juicer lives up to your expectations.

Power Juicer

The Power Juicerhas clean and sleek lines to fit in with a modern kitchen, and produces a lot of juice in no time at all - perfect for people who can only spare a few minutes but still want to improve their diet.

So what does it juice? Nearly everything, is the short answer! The Jack Lalanne juicers are what is known in the industry as a centrifugal juicer or rotary juicer machine, this describes the action by which it extracts juice. Basically food is dropped into a very fast spinning barrel which has small knives all around the outside (looks sort of like a cheese grater) and these little blades shred the ingredients into tiny pieces. Because of the high speed and the resulting G-forces around the edge of the barrel, liquid drains out of the shredded fruit and vegetables, and is flung outwards where it falls against the inside wall of the juicer. It then drains down to be collected.
This means high speed juicing of anything that has a reasonably high liquid content. Generally  crunchy fruits and veggies work best and make the clearest, thinnest juicer recipes. Carrots, apples, oranges and celery all make clear easy to drink juice. Mushy fruits like very ripe apples or pears, as well as berries can certainly be juiced, but expect the liquid you catch to be a bit more syrupy, this is due to the fact that there is more pectin (a natural gum) present in very ripe fruit. The best thing to do is to mix up what you put in the Power Juicer, so mix riper and softer fruit with some harder, crisper ones.
You will notice that some ingredients just won’t give much juice, and that is normal. The Power Juicer is not designed to juice dry leafy things like herbs and wheat grass. These things are just too dry, and require a slow speed or masticating juicer that will actually squeeze them out. The Jack Lalanne Juicer is designed from the ground up to be as user friendly as possible, and is quick and easy to clean. Because all the working parts are stainless steel, you can even let the dishwasher do the cleaning for you.

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