What should I do about replacement juicer parts?

Just like all gadgets, juicers can break down. This is usually easily fixed with replacement parts and often for little expense. Here is what you need to do if you have broken, or think you may have broken a juicer part on your machine.

Juicer Parts

Don't panic. Platic juicer parts have a limited lifespan, but are fairly cheap to replace. You will find that quite a number of competing brands in fact use the same generic parts - this housing, auger, and mesh screen is interchangeable on the Champion, Samson, and even my old Lexsun juicer.

1. Clean it, wash it and dry it all up so you can see what is actually broken. If small juicer parts have broken off try to keep them all together, put them in a little zip lock bag.

2. If you bought the juicer machine locally then approach the store, they may tell you to bring it in and if still under warranty they might replace it then and there. If so, our work here is done. Even if it is out of warranty, the store might be able to sell you a replacement part or order one in for you which might solve the problem. Just don’t let them charge you an arm and a leg for some small plastic part.

3. If the price for the spare juicer parts see exorbitant the probably are, manufacturers try to make big profits out of them. Plus it is really in their favour to convince you that you are better off buying a new fruit juicer instead of repairing the old one! Get the part number from the store, then go search online for a better deal on eBay or another online store.

4. If you didn’t buy the juicer machine locally, or bought it from an online store you need to contact the seller. If the machine is still in warranty you will need to supply them the broken juicer parts number so they can send you replacement. Part numbers are usually small stamped numbers 6-10 digits long. Even if out of warranty contact the seller, who may be able to sell you a spare for a good price. If not, again try the online stores.

5. If you cannot find a part number, just take a digital photo with a cellphone or a webcam and email the seller this. they deal with juicer parts all day, and will be able to identify the broken part easily.

When repairing your juicer machine do consider whether it is worth the money. While I fully advocate trying to fix things rather than living a disposable lifestyle, there does come a point where your gadget will probably just break the next weakest link next time you try juicing particularly resilient carrot. If your juicer is quite old and has had a hard life, rattles, squeaks and is forever clogging up then maybe it’s time to retire it. For a new machine, consider a stainless steel juicer instead, which will long outlive plastic. Alternatively, a manual juicer is a lot cheaper and also lasts virtually forever.

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