Forget about squeezing lemons by hand – Compact citrus juicers save you time and effort

If you suffer from joint pain or have difficulty applying pressure with your fingers due to an injury or chronic disorder, the excellent leverage citrus juicers can offer are just the thing to help you juice lemons and limes again. Fresh citrus juice is not only very tasty but also very healthy, but having to squeeze the fruit using your bare hands can be quite difficult. Citrus juicers consist of a set of handles, similar to a nut cracker, which have a small cone shaped bowl between them for placing a half of lemon or lime. When you pull the handles together, the foot of the press squeezes the lemon or lime half against the cone, squeezing out all the juice in one motion. Even younger children and people who cannot apply much pressure with their hands can do this, as you can easily use both your hands at once.

Citrus juicers

Citrus juicers can be as simple as this wooden reamer, designed to be twisted by hand into cut halves of lemon or lime to extract most of the juice quite easily. More advance juicers consist of a press, which may be manually operated or electric.

Citrus juicers, like all good juicer machines should be made of a material that will not rust or deteriorate, as lemon and lime juice is very acidic. Most models you will find are luckily made of either stainless steel (this is by far the best), aluminum or plastic. Rusting is not generally something to worry about, but every now and again you do see citrus juicers come up in the 2-dollar shops and these really cheaply made ones are only painted or coated steel that will rust after a very short time. Avoid anything like this, apart from feeling horrible to use you will soon develop rusty spots that can make juice taste metallic. Good citrus juicers don’t cost all that much more, and are an investment for life. $10-$20 should buy a decent plastic one, and $20 and over will pay for a stainless steel juicer . This can be used and abused day after day, and will never break under normal conditions.
As an end note, you can simply use a regular electric juicer machine to juice citrus fruits – all you need to do is cut the rind off the fruit all around, and then drop the lump of lemon flesh into the juicer. Pull out seeds if you can, but these should be OK in most machines. This will make perfectly good lemon juice every time. The advantage of compact and purpose specific citrus juicers is just that there is obviously a lot less cleanup involved than there is with a large juicer machine that needs to be taken apart, and washed every time you use it.

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