Big or small? Select an orange juicer that suits your purposes.

Selecting a good quality orange juicer to use at home can be confusing – there are plastic ones, aluminum ones, stainless steel, big upright machines and little hand held gadgets. What you need to decide is how much you are going to use it, and how much you want to spend. If you think it will get used once in a blue moon, well be realistic and choose something really cheap.

Orange juicer

A little plastic orange juicer of the sort that has an upright plastic cone or sieve attached to a cup, which you press and twist the fruit down onto will probably do the trick nicely enough. These can be had for a few dollars and are fine if you only want to do one or two fruit on rare occasions. Just remember this orange juicer comes down to brute force – you do need to use your hands and fingers to crush the juice out, so if you have smaller hands or suffer from any sort of joint pain like arthritis then this may not be a good option at all.

You can get similar juicers which are electric though – they rely on the same principle of having a perforated sieve or cone that fits into the inside of an orange half, but the difference with an electric orange juicer is that the cone part is motorized and spins slowly. This means you still have to hold the orange half, but you only hold it against the cone without having to do the twisting yourself. This allows you to juice a lot more fruit with fairly minimal effort.

Probably the most popular design of orange juicer is still a manual juicer, which works using increased leverage to squeeze the juice straight out of a cut fruit. Sort of like a massive nut cracker or big lemon juicer, these things are just big presses that sit on a counter top. Half oranges can be placed into the press, and when you pull or push down the handle, you force the juicing cone into the fruit. Thanks to the great leverage, this is the most efficient way to get all the juice out. You are left with almost totally dry rind, which is more than you can do with any other sort of juicer machine. What you can also do is basically use your body weight to push the levers together, so simply lean down on them rather than have to rely on strong arm muscles. Most persons will never struggle to use one of these machines. The Metrokane Juicer range is probably the most impressive of these press styles, and will really complement your kitchen.

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