Should I spend money on replacement juicer parts?

There just comes a time when mechanical gadgets break down. If your juicer is getting on in years and requires some work, first ask yourself – is it worth spending good money on replacement juicer parts if something else is going to break soon after? Of course this depends on what sort of machine you have. Honestly, if it is a cheap plastic bargain that cost you about $40 three years ago, go and buy another one like it. Replacement parts will cost more than a replacement machine will!

Juicer parts

Stainless steel Juicer parts rarely need replacing, whereas plastic ones wear out after 1-2 years or consistent use.

However, if you have a higher end model (anything that cost over $150 usually is) then repair and replacement is a good option. Have you checked your warranty? Many manufacturers give up to five years, so make sure it might not still covered before you spend a dime.

If the warranty is out (or maybe you purchased the machine second hand) then replacement parts may be what you need to look for. As a rule, and unfortunately, the original manufacturer is going to be the most expensive vendor for your spare juicer parts. It is still a good first step to contact them and get a quote so you know roughly where you stand, but the best deals are from online stores that will ship your order to your door.

Shipping cost is something to consider, but luckily the juicer parts that generally break are the plastic ones that don’t weigh much. You will generally find ordering online is fast, easy, and hassle free with online stores.

What you need to do if you have broken a part is to identify what exactly it is, so you can ensure you get the correct replacement. Larger parts usually have a part number stamped on them somewhere, if you look closely you will find it as small raised numbers and letters in the plastic. Alternatively (and I have done this exact thing myself), take a snap shot of the juicer part with a camera and email it to the store or manufacturer as it may be. Just tell them what make and model if you can. They deal with this stuff all day, and can tell immediately what part it is by looking.

Replacement juicer parts can be found for both manual and electric juicers, so don’t worry if yours is an old worn down hand powered press or a motorized one – the repair and replacement  industry is massive, and with the internet you can be sure if it is out there you can find it. When the time does come to upgrade your existing juicer machine, don’t forget to consider a stainless steel juicer next time – the initial cost might be higher, but it will long outlast any plastic model.

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