Spend your money on a juicer, not on pills and supplements

Raw food diets can be a great way to improve your heath and detoxify your body, especially after illnesses, or if you are recovering from the effects of drug or alcohol overuse. In particular, raw vegetable juice such as celery and carrot juice is very good at restoring the natural balance of minerals, and contains substances which help to repair damaged cells throughout your body. Drinking fresh fruit and vegetable juice is far easier than having to eat loads of raw ingredients, in fact most people who try special diets and give up say it is because the food was just making them more miserable. To be fair, raw carrot and celery sticks are hardly “comfort” foods!


A juicer can be simple or larger and more complex. Either way, fresh juice is good for you in so many ways.

Investing in a juicer machine may be the answer if this describes you, making quick and refreshing drinks that are so good for you and your whole family. Even if you just want to add a little extra fresh fruit and vegetable matter to your regular diet, juicing is a great way to do it. Just think – you can enjoy a glass of vitamin rich vegetable and fruit juice right along with your regular meals. Your family will hardly notice that they are part of the healthy raw food revolution!
With a modern electric juicer machine you can turn virtually anything you can eat into delicious juices, even hard root vegetables, and for the brave or really committed dieter, you can even juice leafy greens like cabbage, kale, or grow and juice your own wheat grass for the ultimate anti-oxidant rich health shot.
Depending on how much you plan to use the machine, consider whether you need a manual juicer or an electric model. A manual juicer is one where you are required to turn or press a handle using your hands, physically crushing the liquid out of the ingredients. While this is fine for small quantities (a good example is if you only plan to juice wheat grass), manual machines are not so good if you want to make enough juice for the whole family.
An electric juicer machine does cost more, but remember that if you were to buy fresh juice every day this would soon add up to the cost of a high quality model that will continue to pay for itself for years to come. You can literally make any juicer recipe in minutes.
Adding a juicer machine to your kitchen is a very worth while investment in your health. Not even the best mineral and vitamin supplements are ever as good as real, fresh food is.

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