Stainless steel juicers don’t break the bank – lemon and citrus juicers for your kitchen

As with any kitchen gadget or appliance you can spend heaps of money on a juicer. Luckily, if you are just after a really simple one, such as a lemon or citrus juicer, you can find a nice, compact stainless steel juicer that won’t break the bank. Stainless steel is by far the best material to look for, as acidic fruits like lemons, limes, or oranges will cause plastics and other materials to deteriorate. Stainless steel juicers are also best in terms of health, as there have been plenty of plastic scares relating to carcinogenic substances leaking into foods.

Stainless steel juicer

Norpro make a really great, simple to use stainless lemon and lime juicer. It is really no more than a simple hand press, but can crush out a glass of lemon juice in no time at all. these things only cost about $20, which is nothing compared to some of the other juicers reviewed here which can run way into the hundreds. Of course these little hand held juicers are totally limited to squeezing small citrus fruit, but they do it very well.
Do a spot of digging online, and you will find lots of different clever little stainless steel juicers from different manufacturers.

Another favourite to take a look at is the Orange-X, obviously an orange juicer and therefore a bit larger, but again a really simple and clever little gadget that will pay itself off in no time.

Just remember that freshly squeezed lemon or lime juice is great to have in the kitchen. It goes into plenty of cooking and also juicer recipes, makes lovely lemonade, and how about serving cocktails with freshly squeezed juice! Of course you can buy citrus juice in bottles from the store, but if you ever compare the two the fresh stuff just wins, hands down every time.

Stainless steel juicers don’t have to break the bank. Yes they will cost a bit more than plastic equivalents, but the great thing is they are a lifetime investment. Stainless steel is totally resistant to corrosion, you can scrub it with anything and if you ever need to you can even throw it in a pot of boiling water to clean and sterilise it. Try that with some white plastic item!

Adding a small fairly inexpensive stainless steel juicer to your kitchen is  a great investment. It would also make a great little gift idea, to someone with kids or who like cooking and baking.

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