Time to get a lime juicer to give your cooking a brand new zing

Are you thinking about getting a lime juicer?  Now is a good time to do it.  Limes are in season and are a great way to give your cooking a brand new zing.  Limes are used less often than lemons so the taste will be noticed as something different and interesting.  It’s actually amazing just how much a squirt of lime juice will do for your dish.  I even used some recently in a batch of jam where lemon juice was called for.  I had no lemons, but I did have limes from my last grocery shopping trip so I cut on up, squeezed it with my lime juicer, and out came the juice into the jam, where it flavoured the batch in a very mellow yet zingy way.

Lime juicer

A lime juicer allows you to make delicious drinks

Zing seems like a funny word for me to keep using but honestly, it is the word to describe limes.  I really like using them because they have a sharp yet mellow flavour which is not glaringly obvious, but when you taste for a moment you can notice something there.  Lime juice can also be loud, as in homemade lime cordial made with just limes and sugar and water.  Because there is nothing else to cover or confuse the taste of the lime in the mouth, it will come across as quite loud.  Lime marmalade is also strong, but you don’t use a lime juicer for that of course, you cook the limes in a saucepan.

Reasons when you need to use a lime juicer?  If you want to make lime cordial or lime juice.  When you need lime juice for a cake recipe or another form of baking, for instance if you are cooking and you want to add lime juice to a sauce, casserole, stew, or soup.  Many Asian dishes call for limes, for which a lime juicer makes it a lot easier to get your lime juice into the dish.  Other ways you may want to use your lime juicer are if you are adding pure fresh lime juice to a cocktail or mocktail with mixer drinks and other alcohols or fruit punch ingredients.

Lime juicers can be the same as lemon juicers or other citrus juicers in that they come as either a reamer, a press or an auger/masticating mechanism.  It is possible juice limes in a centrifugal juicer as well but mostly you wouldn’t because generally limes are needed only in small quantites and a centrifugal juicer is made to do larger batches of juice – for instance, a bowlful of oranges or carrots or apples.  Best for limes really is a simple reamer or lime press, which can come in a range of types from plain wood to the amazing Metrokane juicer.

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