Should I buy a Vita Mix Juicer?

vita mix juicer

vita mix juicer

Should I buy a Vita Mix Juicer?  It’s the question that plenty of people have asked when they hear about this amazing machine called the Vita Mix.  It can make soup from scratch in two or three minutes flat, blend frozen-solid ingredients into icecream in less than one minute, make you warm dips and guacamoles ready for a party or a family meal, make smoothies to increase your intake of fruits, dairy or other milks, make soy milk or rice milk, grind flour and knead dough, and, well, doe sit make juice?  That’s what I’m going to find out, but first, read on…

Ice creams in the Vita Mix Juicer

Yes, you can make brilliant ice creams in the Vita Mix Juicer.  Because you can make them from scratch, throwing in the ingredients and it will blend, frozen chunks of whatever you plan to turn into ice cream, it will whizz and whip and churn and before you know it, there will be ice cream in your Vita Mix ready to eat.  It is extremely fast and just the push of a button powers this amazing tool.  If you want to make ice cream, you don’t even need to throw in ice cubes or frozen milk or anything… it can make it from such healthy ingredients as just pure fruits or even vegetables if you are feeling adventurous.  Many people add a bit of this or that, a healthy herb or supplement that they are working into their diet at the moment, to make the ice cream more of a superfood.  The Vita Mix can handle it even if it’s frozen and rock chock solid.  It makes a full batch of ice cream in 30 seconds.

Smoothies in the Vita Mix

Can you make a smoothie in the Vita Mix, same style as the ice cream but just not all frozen!  For sure!  Just throw in a handful of ice to whatever other ingredients you desire, be it fruits, dairy products, dairy replacement such as soy milk or rice milk, wheatgrass, vegetables etc, and whizz up using the Vita Mix.  It’s only going to take half a minute and you’re done.  Smoothies in everybody’s favourite flavours and textures, just vary the ingredients you throw in the Vita Mix.  Grab a handful of bran from your baking kitchen canisters and throw it in, this helps with daily fibre intake.

Dips and guacamole in the Vita Mix

Dips can be made simply and fast with the Vita Mix, in as large batches as you require.  Throw in your ingredients, along with water and/or oils depending on your recipe.  Slap on the lid and whizz up to make your favourite dip.

Soy/rice milk in the Vita Mix Juicer

Because the Vita Mix blades spin at such a high speed, the temperature of the contents gets hotter as the blades turn.  So, by adding the soy beans and water, and blending, you can actually cook the soy milk mixture all in one in the Vita Mix blending chamber.  Amazing! This is not the same as using a slow speed juicer machine to crush soy, but it still works very well.

Making bread with the Vita Mix

You can throw in wholegrains and it will pulverise them for you, making fresh wholemeal homemade flour.  Then you add your yeast, water and salt, and hit go again, and it will knead up your dough and get it ready for shaping and baking. (Of course it won’t actually bake the bread, but who wants a Vitamix shaped bread)   All this in the same machine; it’s pretty versatile as you can see.

The popular vita mix juicerMaking juice in the Vita Mix

Well, here comes the sad news.  Even though the Vita Mix does just about everything else, it does not make the best juice in the world.  I know that it claims to make juice, and it will make a slurry from your fruits and vegetables, but you can’t call it a juicer recipe.  It has no means of separating the liquid from the pulp, so you will get a slushy sort of mix, and even though it will get the pulp very fine, it will not get thinner than a smoothie texture.  If that’s what you want, then fine; but raw juice enthusiasts would smile knowing that it’s just not real juice.  Because the blades spin so fast, they generate heat so it will destroy some of the delicate enzymes in your raw fruit and vegetables.  So, don’t get this machine if you are after a juicer; get a dedicated juicer.  However, they are so amazingly versatile at doing other things, that they are worth buying just for the other factors alone.  I do recommend them, but just not for juice – I’m making a special allowance to review them on my juicing site though because I know that a lot of people get interested in the Vita Mixes because they’ve heard they’ll do everything including juice.  I don’t want anyone to be disappointed, but then, seeing as the Vita Mix non-juicer (!) does everything else, I do recommend that you look into it further.  Any juice is better than no juice, but… any vegetables is better than no juice…  Read on…

As a parting note,

I will point out that the Vita Mix, due to its creating of heat from rapidly spinning blades, will actually cook you a soup from scratch just with whatever ingredients you have there.  So, you can literally throw in carrots, celery, onion, tomatoes, zucchinis etc, and press the button, and it will pulverise and cook it for you, thus making you the most superbly fast soup from scratch that you can dream of.  For this reason alone I am considering getting a Vita Mix Juicer machine for my own home… because even though it’s not raw juice, it is still an incredible way to get more fresh produce into your diet.

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