The Advantages Of A Twin Gear Juicer Over A Single Gear Juicer

The benefits of a juicer are plentiful. With it you can make your own juice right at home. You know exactly what is going into each and every glass of juice you drink and do not have to worry about additives, preservatives and other unwanted ingredients being added. Juicers are very easy to use but how do you decide which is best?

When shopping for a twin gear juicer, you are heading in the right direction – if you can afford it that is. It is to your advantage to go for a twin gear juicer over one that runs on only a single gear. The reason has to do with the speed of the juicer. The twin gear juicer works at a more powerful speed than the single gear juicer. This is why professional juicing companies typically all rely solely on the twin gear juicer.

Twin gear juicer augers have a larger crushing area

Twin gear juicer augers have a larger crushing area, and allow you to produce more juice in a shorter time

Although the twin gear juicer machines are more expensive, they are well worth it. If you know you will be using your juicer on a regular basis then you want one that is going to perform its best. These juicers are more productive because they turn at slower speeds so while they can take longer to work they are more beneficial because they produce juice with little to no foam.

In turn you are able to save your juice without it going bad for a longer period of time. You can quickly and easily make a container of fresh juice at the start of the week and keep it in the fridge for the rest of the week, no problem. It is a great way to help you and your family stick to a healthy diet.

The twin gear juicer is faster and more reliable so you can make larger quantities of juice at a single time. The Angel juicer and Green Star juicer ranges are perfect examples of what size and features you should be looking for on your search.

The Angel juicer company is known for being at the top of their game, offering some of the highest powered and most efficient juicers on the market today. They have been in the business for over two decades now and definitely know what they are doing. Green Star has a similar reputation, known for producing versatile and durable juicers that can be used for fruits, vegetables, and even as wheatgrass juicers.

Take into consideration added features such as a pulp container. This will hold onto the pulp as you are juicing so you can keep it and use it afterwards. This allows you to get the maximum nutrients and health from the fruits and vegetables you juice.

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