The Angel Juicer – the Rolls Royce of Juicers

Angel Juicer
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Angel are currently producing two variants of their famous fruit and vegetable juicer, generally sold as the AG-5500 and

AG-7500. Both feature solid stainless steel construction, massive 3hp motor output, and various safety features which make this a perfect juicer for the whole family…there are of course cheaper juicer machines available, but can you afford to have it break on you? The Angel Juicer is solid and all steel, and if you buy it, you won’t regret it, you’ll never need another juicer again.

What is so special about the Angel Juicer range?

Firstly, you need to understand that the Angel Juicer is a masticating juicer. This sets it apart from most department store variety juicers, which use a cheaper (and less effective) system known as a centrifugal juicing mechanism.

“Masticating” is the scientific term for chewing, and it describes how the Angel Juicer and how all masticating juicers work – instead of just shredding the ingredients and allowing juice to drain out, the masticating juicer mechanism physically crushes the liquid out of ingredients. This is achieved with a system of slowly turning gears, or rollers, that gradually grind everything into a pulp.

So why is this an advantage? In a nutshell, slower processing results in much higher quality juice. When juice is processed at high speeds in a centrifugal juicer, the spinning blades mix small air bubbles into the liquid. The oxygen in air reacts with the vitamins and nutrients in the juice, quickly lowering the health benefits it carries. What happens is actually similar to what occurs when you cut an apple or pear and leave it lying about for an hour or so – you come back, and find that the exposed surface has turned soft and brown. This is the oxygen in air at work, oxidising the fresh fruit.

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If you make juice with a masticating juicer like the Angel juicer, you will find that the juice keeps for longer, and does not loose its colour. Even scientific analysis has shown that the Angel Juicer makes juice that is higher in nutrient, vitamin and mineral content. Partly this is due to the Angel Juicers very high efficiency (meaning that it is able to extract more goodness in the first place), but its very low processing speed is what allows more of the goodness to be preserved.

Close up of the Stainless steel crushing mechanism used in both Angel Juicer models – CLICK HERE to find out more

When considering buying a high end juicer like the Angel Juicer, it is a good idea to consider some of the other capabilities. Not

many juicer machines can match the versatility of this device: the Angel juicer can process seed like linseed and flax to make oil, soya beans to make soy milk, and grind up virtually any cooked or uncooked food to make sauces, dips, or baby food just to mention a few.

There is no question, this is NOT a cheap kitchen gadget to buy and then relegate to the back of the cupboard after a few uses. The Angel doesn’t come cheap and is truly for the discerning customer who demands the very best. Angel refer to it as the “Rolls Royce of juicers” with good reason!

What you get is excellent customer support, and a massive 10 year warranty – far more than you can expect from most manufacturers.

So is it worth it?

Quality is always worth paying extra for if you can afford it, and the Angel Juicer allows you to do more than any other. If you want the best this is the way to go.  Click HERE to make an investment in your health that you’ll never regret and start living a juicy lifestyle like never before!

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