The best orange juice comes from your own kitchen

There is nothing better than a big glass of freshly pressed orange juice to go with breakfast – cold, deliciously tangy, with real taste and that natural slightly pulpy texture that really quenches your thirst and leaves you wanting more.

And it’s great for your health too: just one big glass of fresh juice can give you almost your full recommended intake of vitamin C, something lacking in modern diets. By the way, fresh juice is much better in terms or vitamins than supplements ever will be – because the vitamins and mineral contained in the fruit are already dissolved in the juice, or in “organic” form and so can be much more readily absorbed and used by your body.

In between are a number of clever and affordable alternatives: bench top designs like the Orange-X which is like an overgrown lemon juicer, you place half an orange into the jaws, and press down the handle to squeeze all the juice out in one go. Manual orange juicers like this have the added bonus of being free to run (unlike electric variants) and being quite silent. Is that important? Well maybe, if you are an early riser and don’t want to disturb everyone who is still asleep!

orange juicers

Delicious, refreshing orange juice. Thanks to Malkav at Flikr.

Yes you can buy fairly good juice from the cold section of most big stores, but even this stuff is not really fresh. Did you know that fresh juice should really be consumed within 24hours of being pressed? Even sooner is better, because as soon as the fruit is crushed the natural enzymes begin to deteriorate and vitamin content diminishes.

The best solution is to make your own orange juice at home. No cold storage or preservatives, just real fruit going straight into the orange juicer and into your glass.

An orange juicer is a great investment in your and your family’s health, and modern orange juicers are both fun and easy to use for the whole family. They range from the simplest design, which is basically a reamer (an upside down cone shape with sharp ribs, that you push and twist half an orange against to crush the juice into cup or bowl) to fully automatic electric juicer gadgets that you can drop a whole orange into, peel and all!

An orange juicer will complement every kitchen, and you can find almost any finish you want. Stainless steel juicers are always excellent, not just because they look classic, but also because they never corrode. Otherwise choose from plastic (which is generally cheaper if you are on a budget) or coated Aluminium which can be had in virtually any colour.

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