The Greenstar juicer range

The modern lifestyle and the diet is nearly always atrocious for our health. Not only are we exposed to toxic chemicals that wear down health, but we generally get nowhere near enough fresh food containing the nutrients needed to stay healthy. Juicing fresh fruits and vegetables is recognized as being one of the best ways to compensate. Fresh juice is a real super food for the body, containing a fantastic supply of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and nutrients.

Greenstar Juicer
If you think juicing is a good way to supplement your diet, then you need to find a fruit or vegetable juicer machine. It is well known that slow speed (masticating) juicer machines make healthier, better juice. Some of the best respected brands come from the makers Angel Juicer, Lexcen, Samson, and the Greenstar juicer company. These are all high quality machines, which are designed to last many years. Green star and Angel in particular give up to 10 years warranty on their machines – an unusually long time, since a normal length warranty on kitchen appliances is 12 months! Greenstar in particular offer excellent value for money when buying a new juicer machine, and there is literally nothing these machines can’t handle.
One excellent reason to choose a Greenstar juicer, especially such as one of the Green Power Juicer Machine lineup, is that they are able to juice wheat grass and similar tough ingredients. Many people end up buying a separate wheatgrass juicer because they find that a typical home juicer just can’t process the dry stringy material. But because the entire range of Greenstar juicer machines use the same slow speed, crushing action, what you get is a truly all purpose machine.
Inside these fruit and vegetable juicers, you will find a mixture of stainless steel and super tough polymer components that will last years before needing replacement. It is not uncommon for certain juicer parts to wear or break after several years of heavy use, but rest assured – companies like Angel and Greenstar have excellent reputations to protect, and as long as your warranty is still valid you will never have trouble obtaining free replacement juicer parts that were damaged by normal wear and tear.
What else can a typical Greenstar juicer do? Because the extraction mechanism used is that known as a masticating juicer (masticating is simply the scientific term for chewing, it describes how these machines extract juice…sort of!) most of the machines can also grind nuts into peanut butter, make pastes and purees, and even allow you to make rice milk and soy milk using soaked ingredients. Finally, the Greenstar juicer models that sell so well all over the world are safe and secure to allow adult supervised use by children. Helping and learning how to use a juicer is a great way to introduce kids to a truly healthy lifestyle.

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