The juicer in the home

The juicer.  I say those two words a lot because in my home, “the juicer” gets used every day, or every other day.  Can you turn the juicer on, can you start putting this celery through the juicer, I’ll wash up the juicer, can you pass me the juicer parts, here’s a cloth to wipe the juicer down.  See I just said it five times!  Told you so!  Anyway, the juicer is an integral part of our household, that’s what I’m getting at.  And it’s no surprise that the juicer was chosen out of research and bought out of the need for fresh raw fruit and vegetable juice.  The juicer that we’ve got is excellent at doing both vegetables and fruits, as well as wheatgrass, sprouts such as mung bean and alfalfa (lucerne), and it also makes us nut butters and seed oils.  I love being able to make nut butters with the juicer, because it’s no always easy to find nice nut butters in the stores that don’t have other oils, additives or flavours added.  (Why do they need to add stuff to nut butters?  They taste so good anyway… but I guess it’s because they can stretch it further for the dollar that way.)  Anyway I won’t rant about that today!

juicerSo the juicer in the home plays an important role, and it’s best that you find the juicer that is best for you.  There is no one best juicer, however, the juicer that you buy should do all the things that you hope for.  If it’s fast juicing, the electric juicer or power juicer is for you.  if it’s slow, auger/masticating juicing then you want to look into twin gear or single auger juicers.  If it’s wheatgrass only you can think about getting a dedicated wheatgrass juicer, and there are several manual wheatgrass juicers on the market that will do you well.  If it’s a juicer for citrus only, then don’t be concerned about the other juicers, just look into getting yourself a reamer or a citrus press.  It’s not just manual citrus juicers these days, there are plenty of electric models to choose from which make the process so easy and light, you will be making lemon and lime juices with the juicer all the time.

The juicer for your home is the juicer that fulfills your expectations, that does what is supposed to do without dramas and that suits your household and your lifestyle.

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