The Medicinal Properties Of Goji Berry Juice

Goji juice is a product made from the goji berry, which can be found both in the Himalayas and in parts of China. Traditionally, Goji has been used in many forms to treat and prevent many different maladies, and it is only recent that the berry has become popular in western countries.

There is a slight difference in taste between the types of berries found growing in Nepal and China, but they are both ascribed with having very similar healing properties by natural health practitioners. The juice made from the Chinese berries is a little bitter tasting, while the Himalayan one is sweeter and generally considered more popular. However, both of them will be equally effective when consumed.  The Goji berry juice is not to be confused with the Acai berry drink.

Goji Berry Juice

Goji Berries made into juice are a potent health tonic

So what exactly is Goji berry juice used for?

Goji juice is an amazing product which can basically help people be healthier. It is often used in diets and people with different health problems frequently consume it.

Of course that all of us need to have a healthy diet based mostly on vegetables, we need to hydrate ourselves and do periodic exercises, but if fresh juice from fruits and vegetables is added to all of that, the results can become spectacular. Add then a bit of potent antioxidant tonic like Goji Juice to your existing juicer recipes to liven them up (taste and health-wise alike) and you are getting very serious.

Goji juice (similar in many ways to the now famous acai berry juice which has really taken off) has a high concentration of antioxidants. Antioxidants basically stop cells from deteriorating, therefore providing a slowing in the process of aging.

Although carrots are known for the big amounts of beta-carotene in them, the goji juice actually has more of it, which also means that it has higher levels of A-vitamin.

Believe it or not, this incredible juice also has five hundred times more C-vitamin than oranges! So a small amount added to another food or beverage is a great natural way to supplement your vitamin intake.

If you have ongoing problems with bacterial infections in your body, or if you suffer from various kinds of mycosis, the goji juice can help you a lot.

Thanks to its beta-sitosterol content, this juice can help you burn all that useless cholesterol in your body, therefore helping you to lose body fat. Not to mention that the same substance can also improve your sexual health.

Goji juice can be a real blessing for people who lived a sedentary life and who have problems with their immune system and even with their blood pressure. Lots of these people who don’t have enough vitamins or calcium in their systems can suffer from heart palpitations and this berry juice can get them rid of those.

While giving your immune system a power boost, goji juice will cleanse your body, getting rid of all the toxins and impurities in it.

Forgetting things and having sleepless nights won’t represent a problem anymore, because the goji juice stimulates the brain and because you will have more energy during day, you won’t have to deal anymore with insomnia during night.

But how can goji juice improve all these aspects of life? Simple! Gojy berry juice has a lot of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to last your for a lifetime. Some of the minerals and the antioxidants that it contains are definitely responsible for slowing down the aging process and some of the most important are zinc, selenium and calcium.

Besides the minerals and antioxidants, goji juice also contains a wide spectrum of vitamins. One of the most unusual vitamins that it contains is Vitamin E which cannot be found in any other fruit. Amongst other helpful things, the goji juice is also known to cure a form of hepatitis B. This is very interesting because if we are to tie some knots to make some connections we can get to the conclusion that goji juice is also very helpful against cancer and it can even keep it at bay at some extent.

If you have hormonal problems from some disease or malformation of your thyroid gland you can drink goji juice to get equilibrium in the hormone production of your body. So, if you are overweight without eating much then you can drink goji juice to regulate your hormones and lose the excess fat produced by the hormone problem.

Most people are unlikely to be able to source fresh Goji berries, but you can still use the readily available concentrate – don’t put it through your juicer machine (duh!) but when you make your regular juices, especially sour or otherwise less tasty vegetable juices or smoothies, just add a shot of Goji concentrate. This accomplishes two things – you improve the taste of your fresh juice, and you effectively dilute the sugar content of the concentrate.

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