The philosophy of the masticating juicer and why slower juice is healthier

The most famous masticating juicer is without question the Angel Juicer. This twin gear monster weighing in at twenty pounds is also rather expensive, but there are plenty of more affordable models out there that will suit any budget and kitchen. A masticating juicer  means a juicer that works by slowly crushing and grinding up the juicing ingredients, something that is achieved by a slowly turning screw, or auger that forces pulp through a very narrow opening and allows the liquid to drain off.

masticating juicer

If you look closely at this L'equip masticating juicer you can see the large auger that turns inside the housing, slowly crushing fruits and vegetables.

If you have a small budget, or just want to try juicing for the first time, a single gear juicer might be all you need. I am currently still using a model called Lexsun, which is quite a basic single gear. Although it doesn’t have the build quality of something like the Angle juicer, the Lexsun feels very solid and has taken everything I have thrown at it for about 2 years now. This has been a constant diet of big, hard carrots and bunches upon bunches of stringy celery!
Masticating juicers will never have the same super high output machines like the Jack Lalanne Power juicer claim to have, but that is just part of the deal. Good things simply take their time, and juice made by high speed juicers is a different product entirely. Don’t get me wrong, any fresh juice is better than no juice, but take some time to research slow vs fast processing of raw food and you will see what I mean. Masticating juicers make healthier “living” fruit and vegetable juice than rotary models do. I think it is fair to say that there is an element of psychological interaction when you juice using a slow machine, I find myself unwinding during those few extra minutes I spend feeding veggies into the Lexsun. There is an almost hypnotic quality to the slow, constant whirring of the screw that is actually quite calming I think! I think it might actually be distressing for someone who is used to this to then use a high speed/ output machine that whines away at several thousand RPM to shred up the ingredients!
Joking aside now, there is a lot to be said for slower preparation of foods (juice is a food as far as I am concerned). In many ways a masticating juicer is like cooking a slow meal, it takes a bit of patience but is well worth the effort.

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