5 great reasons to get a lemon juicer

When was the last time you made fresh lemon juice? The delicious tangy smell you can almost taste adds greatly to lots of dishes and cakes and sweet fillings. If you like the taste, perhaps you’re thinking about buying a lemon juicer to use at home. This is a great idea, because squeezing out the lemons by hand is very tedious work. It is also difficult for people like me who have small hands, and people who suffer from joint pain in the fingers.

lemon juicer

Modern lemon juicers are often made in stylish materials like stainless steel and aluminum, and are not only easy to use but are easy to take apart and clean. Stainless steel juicers cost more, but are very strong and never corrode. Anyone can use them – it doesn’t take big or strong hands to squeeze all the juice out of fruit and there is not much juice wasted.

With an affordable lemon juicer you can…

make your own lemonade, or

lemon-flavored icy-poles for the children

serve up delicious home made cocktails

make lemon cream buns

preserve a harvest of fruit by squeezing a lot of juice and freezing it for later use.

Although you can get electric lemon juicers, the manual ones work so well and easily that there is no real advantage. A manual juicer will fit neatly into a draw with your other utensils, while anything electric requires another power point, and means more cords to have lying around. Plus there is something deeply satisfying about squeezing juice by hand!

Most hand held citrus presses only consist of two or three removable parts. The handles stay together at the hinges, so all you have to do to clean it is to remove the one or two (depending on what you actually buy) little cone shaped sieves from the press. There will be a bit of pulp and lemon flesh stuck in the holes, but this just comes off in warm water. Better still, because it is all metal the sieve can just go in the dishwasher, saving all the work. Cleaning will only take a matter of minutes.
DO and let me emphasize this, DO clean the juicer thoroughly every time. Don’t be tempted to just rinse it, as the acidic juice will cause the surface finish to deteriorate. Although Stainless steel will not rust, the acid can still cause the surface of aluminum and plastic juicer parts to go yellow and look dirty and used.

Easy to use, handy to have, lemon juicers also make great gift ideas if you have someone in the family who loves to cook and bake.

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