A great kitchen gadget gift idea: Stainless steel juicers.

Kitchen gadgets often get used as gifts, and while this can be a good idea, way to many of them end up in trunk sales and giveaways. Everything looks nice when its packed up in its box, but it can seem that we are drowning in a sea of cheap white plastic. Do you know someone who is health conscious? How about giving them a really appropriate gift, a juicer. So much has been said about the health benefits of fresh fruit and vegetable juice, and best of all you can find truly stylish stainless steel juicers that will complement any kitchen space.

A stainless steel juicer will cost a bit more than a plastic one, but for a good reason – they last much longer, there are no plastics to leech chemicals in to the juice, and they look new for much longer.
All of the big appliance manufacturers make stainless steel juicers, consider a Breville 800JEXL, an Omega 8005 or the Jack Lalanne famous Power Juicer. These all come with great reputations – do a search online if you need convincing and read some reviews.

Juicers are just a great present, because they are one of the few kitchen appliances that encourage people to be healthier. Forget the doughnut makers, popcorn makers, or bench top grills…you just cant get better or fresher food than a glass of freshly squeezed juice made right there at home.

Another good reason to buy someone a stainless steel juicer is that they are much easier to look after. The steel is easy to keep clean, and much more hygienic as well.

Probably the ultimate in health conscious juicing is the twin gear juicer, or twin auger design which works by slowly winding the fruit or vegetable into a confined space with a big turning screw. The twin gear models have two screws turning against each other, for faster and more efficient juicing. Kids love these, as you can watch the chunks of fruit being slowly crushed up inside the machine. Angel make a fantastic twin gear stainless steel juicer, sold as the Angel Juicer 5500 and 7500, that while being more expensive than a white plastic model you would find in most department stores, would be a true center piece  in any kitchen.

On the whole, If you are going to buy a juicer for someone, spending a few extra dollars to upgrade to a stainless steel finish is well worth it, as you will get what you pay for.

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